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When she was studying her second year of Journalism, Belén Junco started working at



She was 17 years old and they sat her directly at the so-called management table,

a huge board where things were decided


And she stayed there until today.

The table was occupied by her uncles Mercedes Junco, founder of the magazine in 1944, with her husband Antonio Sánchez Gómez.

He was succeeded by his son Eduardo Sánchez Junco,

first cousin of the young student.

And later, Eduardo Sánchez Pérez, current director and third generation of the journalistic saga.

Belén has worked with all of them.

"Although I was nobody, they trusted me and with them I learned everything. What if these photos do and these don't, the cover story, the headlines...", he tells LOC.

"My uncle Eduardo, (Sánchez Junco), was a fabulous journalist, intelligent,

with vision. And that his profession was an agronomist; he had to study Journalism, already married and with children, because to be a director of a medium, you had to have the title. His mother, my aunt Mercedes was another journalist of race and like people, extraordinary people. That work has been a wonderful school of the human race and of the passions that move the world".

Fifty intense years have passed in which she worked as director of the


supplements, dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, Haute Couture, Children, Living or Brides, in addition to the weekly reports in the magazine itself.

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"One day I thought I wanted to do something else, I was a little tired of that rhythm, but I didn't want to go from working from 200 an hour to 0. And I won't leave completely either, I'll always be with them.

But one night I started writing and I began a story of love, heartbreak and betrayal,

feelings that I have always worked on. It is making me very excited".

Optimistic and with enviable dynamism, the new author managed to finish her first novel,

The Queen of Nairobi

(The Sphere of Books).

Her fascination with Africa and the simple desire to entertain the reader with an interesting and fast plot,

suggest that the novelist is here to stay.

The new story of her is already underway.

In your story there are wonderful mansions, elegant women, friendly conversations and an unexpected ending, not exactly rosy.

I mean, hello!

in its purest state. It is the world that we reflect, with the desire to entertain.

It is the foam of life, as our founder said, how beautiful it is to look at, but telling the truth.

If there is something behind the protagonist, because he doesn't want to tell it or it can't be seen, you don't have to invent or get ahead of yourself, sometimes you can do a lot of damage. If I compare Hello!

with something, it is with a Hollywood movie of love and luxury.

Apart from respect, as something fundamental for us, we want no one to be upset on Wednesday (the day the magazine comes out) when they have breakfast. Have you been upset? go out,

he had a wonderful house belonging to a Spanish lady, about to go to print.

But the owner says that it should not be published, that she does not consider it appropriate.

I began to tremble because I had nothing to replace it!

So, I took from the file a house that Eduardo didn't like very much, I remember it was from New Orleans and that's how we saved ourselves.

Then we got safe-conduct for Eugenia Silva or Inés Domecq, who traveled whatever it took to do the houses. Esther Doña announced on a cover that she was getting married and the next day, we found out that they had broken up long before. Since this barbarity had never happened to us .

Because there was also a contract in between.

When we have had a setback we have been able to fix it, as with Lady Di.

We had the magazine printed with her on the cover, sitting alone in a bathing suit, on the yacht.

A precious photo.

The trucks of Hello!

They were on their way to London with all the magazines, when suddenly, she dies.

We had to change everything and the trucks turn around. Letizia is not especially sympathetic towards the magazine, with how careful she is. Hello!

with the monarchy. And that she is a journalist.

She may be lacking in self-confidence or a way to protect herself.

It is not normal.

All the European queens have given us interviews and the current heiresses have also spoken to the media in their countries.

At the time, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía have received us and have made statements to us.

Now nothing. Are there blacklists for people who never appear? Only situations in bad taste or people who are not respectful, who insult.

Or characters you don't want to read about.

We are very clear who our readers are.

Why not aspire to have Yolanda Díaz also read to them? It is that she surely reads us.

I don't talk about ideologies, everyone likes to entertain themselves and see great houses.

Behind those spectacular decorations, there are great companies created by people who have worked a lot, or an art collection, always an interesting background.


it also has a very attractive quality, which is its internationality.

Everyone is interested in knowing more about Brad Pitt, whom they just saw at the movies.

Good manners and good education are liked by all readers, whatever the party. The five floors of Yvana Trump's case can offend. The five floors of Yvana Trump's case can offend. R.- In the background of that tortuous decoration, there is the story of an intelligent woman who knew how to make her own fortune,

independent of her husband.

Everything creaked in that house but his story is undoubtedly captivating. In your novel you are very harsh with the unfaithful man. But not for having been unfaithful, but for lying. Like Íñigo Onieva... Íñigo is forgiven and I'm glad they're back.

He deserves it, he has made Tamara happy, he has entertained her, they have loved each other very much and that is life.

For me, happiness is above the horns.

What works in life is love and you have to fight for it.

The character in my novel is a traitor and a coward, someone unworthy.

He is not comparable with Onieva.Shakira or Piqué?Shakira!.

I liked her message.

The song is funny and very humorous.

He has endured something worse than infidelity.

Piqué's family seemed to support her new relationship, when she still did not know her.

The betrayal was bloody in that sense.

Do all celebrities get paid to be in the magazine? Of course not.

There are many people who have not wanted to receive anything and others have donated it to solidarity foundations, but they do not count it.

And there are those who appear in Hello!

even if they don't like the notoriety, because they know they are going to be respected and they consider it the right place to communicate something.

Also, we have many friends who appreciate us and respond to our call. Was there any protest or discomfort about Corinna Larsen's cover? None.

What it transmitted Hello!

With that information it is that if there had been any relationship, of which other media had spoken, it had ended. What do you think of the phenomenon of influencers? At first it shocked me that any girl without having anything behind her was followed by millions of people.

They have taken over the world of technology, not paper.

There is no journalistic message, no content, just an image.

It was hard for me to understand, I am a journalist, but now I think they will continue there.

Sometimes those social networks are entertaining. Niece of the founders of ¡Hola!

and off-road journalist, Belén Junco presents her novel, a story full of love and heartbreak, like the pages of the 'bible' of the heart.

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