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2016, a district court in Texas, USA.

Eight inmates locked in a lockup were joking with a prison guard.

However, the prison guard suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed.

The frightened inmates screamed and looked for other guards, but there was no sign.

Then the inmates opened the lockup door and came out.

After confirming that the prison guard's pulse had stopped, he screamed again for help.

After a while, prison guards appeared and after sending the inmates into the detention center, they urgently performed CPR on the fallen prison guard.

15 minutes after that, the rescue team finally arrived and the prison guard regained consciousness after death.

The inmates saved a life.

A situation that could have been life-threatening if other armed guards mistook it for a prison break, but one inmate confessed that he was only thinking of helping.

(Edited by Jung Yong-hee, Produced by D Contents Planning Department)