As she noted in her Telegram, at the moment, RT France accounts are blocked by order of the General Directorate of the Treasury of France and the reason is the ninth package of sanctions, in which "RT France does not appear."

“Lack of access to funds prevents our channel from continuing its normal operations.

We're trying to get the accounts unblocked;

if this is not done as soon as possible, our media will be liquidated in accordance with French law due to lack of funds,” Fedorova wrote.

She stressed that the TV channel regards the actions of the French authorities as another attempt to drown out an alternative point of view.

“The entire editorial staff of RT France condemns this blatant censorship and tacit consent of French mainstream journalists,” she stressed.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the blocking of RT France accounts would lead to a response against the French media.

On January 20, Fedorova stated that the very fact of the existence of the TV channel haunted the authorities.

The Russian embassy in Paris said that the main losers in this situation are residents of France and other French-speaking countries.

They noted that the blocking of accounts goes beyond the restrictive measures imposed by the European Union against Russia, which do not apply to RT France.