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The sociologist Graciela Puig, 62, went to Cibeles Square this Saturday accompanied by her mother, Toni, and her aunt Balala, who, at 87 and 83, have traveled expressly from Barcelona to Madrid to participate in the

concentration against the transfers of the Government to ERC

, such as the repeal of sedition or the reform of embezzlement.

They belong to a family from Manresa "very Catalan, Catalan-speaking and not at all conservative".

"I am not from Vox at all and I have not liked the latest abortion move at all. The political use of demonstrations is inevitable, and of course we are seeing stickers from this party, but we must stop thinking in terms of Vox or of the PP.

Here there are people from the right, from the left and from the center

. We are people of all tendencies with the common objective of defending the rule of law," says Graciela.

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It goes more or less like this


It goes more or less like this

It is the same purpose as Patricio García Mínguez, tenured professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis at the University of Barcelona, ​​where he has the office next to that of the former president of the ANC Elisenda Paluzie.

Patricio attended the 'No to war' marches in the 1990s and now cries out against "the rupture of the separation of powers", the "politicization of the courts", the "attempt to empty judicial sentences of their content". Both he and Graciela are part of

Impulso Ciudadano, one of the dozens of civil society associations -the conveners are the España Cívica Forum and the Libertad y Alternativa Foundation- that have organized the concentration


The protest, which Sánchez has equated with the separatist march on Thursday in Barcelona, ​​has the motto 'For Spain, democracy and the Constitution'.

It has the support of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, but the only national leader who has attended has been Santiago Abascal


Alberto Núñez Feijóo, nor Isabel Díaz Ayuso, nor José Luis Martínez-Almeida, nor the new spokesperson for the 'orange' party, Patricia Guasp, nor its general secretary, Adrián Vázquez, are not present.

In this way,

the controversial 'photo of Columbus' of 2019 will not be repeated,

at a time of maximum turbulence in the government coalition in Castilla y León.

On behalf of the PP, the deputy secretaries general for Regional and Local Coordination,

Pedro Rollán

, and Organization,

Miguel Tellado

, have attended ;


Dolors Montserrat


the president of New Generations,

Beatriz Fanjul


and the candidate for Mayor of Barcelona,

​​Daniel Sirera,

among others.

On the part of Cs, the former leader

Inés Arrimadas

, who remains spokesperson for the party in Congress, and the deputy mayor of Madrid,

Begoña Villacís

, have been seen .

Among the attendees is also the former UPyD leader

Rosa Díez

, the former PP politician

Aleix Vidal-Quadras

, the philosopher

Fernando Savater

, the writer and columnist for EL MUNDO

Andrés Trapiello



reasons for the protest

occupy a long list, from the pardons to the leaders of the 'procés' and the release of ETA prisoners to the most recent modification of the Penal Code or the "assault" on the Constitutional Court, where the Government has appointed as magistrates a former minister and a director general who had to abstain in the appeal of 25% of Castilian because she previously endorsed the Generalitat.

They also

censor the latest legislative procedures

, through the introduction of amendments unrelated to the content of the laws in which they are introduced to avoid public debate or the issuance of mandatory reports.

The conveners maintain that these actions cannot be accidental, and they see an attempt by the coalition government to covertly change the Constitution.


Democracy is breaking

down and, if we continue on this path of institutional deterioration, a very bleak future awaits us. We are getting closer to Hungary or Poland", warns Professor Patricio García Mínguez.

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