China News Service, Quanzhou, January 21 (Sun Hong and Zhang Weijian) "Although I can't celebrate the New Year with my family, the school and teachers have given us meticulous care, so that I will not feel very lonely in a foreign land, but full of joy." A sense of belonging.” Lai Weitong, a Taiwanese student at Huaqiao University, said after receiving the free New Year’s Eve set meal provided by the school on New Year’s Eve.

  This year, BGI's traditional "New Year's Eve dinner" event is still in the form of a set meal instead of a centralized round table meal.

At around 17:00 on the 21st, on the Quanzhou and Xiamen campuses of Huada University, nearly 400 students from Thailand, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Benin, Malaysia and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China, went to the restaurants of the school one after another to receive their favorite dishes. New Year's Eve dinner set.

  The money rabbit looks like brocade, the jade rabbit presents luck, the auspicious rabbit welcomes the spring... The interesting and interesting package names and rich dishes imply that everyone will be happy and healthy in the Year of the Rabbit.

  "I took the 'Money Rabbit Like Brocade' set meal, which contains shrimp, pig's trotters, sea bass, beef, duck soup, etc., which are very rich and delicious." Ren Xin, a 2022 student who stayed in school for the New Year, told reporters that apart from reading books during the holiday In addition to studying, the school also organized various condolences and cultural and sports activities, "This kind of Chinese New Year experience is great."

  "Staying in school for the New Year is very warm," Lai Weitong said. The teachers thoughtfully organized activities such as cutting window grilles, writing "Fu" characters, and pasting Spring Festival couplets, and sent a big New Year gift package.

As he is about to graduate this year, he hopes to spend more time on scientific research and dissertations during the winter vacation. "My New Year's wish is to continue my studies and study for a Ph.D., and I will have the opportunity to stay in mainland China for development in the future."

  Hu Guanglei, a student of Chinese origin in Myanmar, just entered the School of Computer Science and Technology in September 2022. This year is his first time celebrating the New Year in China.

"I feel very happy. The school and teachers are so hardworking, which makes us feel the warmth of home." In the past few days, Hu Guanglei participated in activities such as DIY lanterns and writing Spring Festival couplets, and also received big gift packages and New Year red envelopes from the college.

  Hu Guanglei said that there are many Chinese in the city where he lives in Myanmar. Every Chinese family will post Spring Festival couplets and pay New Year's greetings to each other during the Spring Festival.

"I'm looking forward to seeing how China celebrates the New Year. What I look forward to most is the fireworks show."

  In addition to the New Year’s Eve dinner set, Huaqiao University also prepared free New Year’s Day brunch and New Year’s Day lunch for teachers and students staying at the school to enjoy.

In addition, the student community and various colleges also organize various Spring Festival activities, so that the students staying at the school can feel the strong festive atmosphere.