Inès Zeghloul 9:40 a.m., January 20, 2023

Mobilized in the Parisian procession led by the unions, Gisèle, 64, explains at the microphone of Europe 1 the reasons for her mobilization on Thursday January 19.

Retired for a year, she considers "scandalous" the executive's bill to raise the retirement age to 64, due to demographic changes.

How to maintain the level of mobilization against the pension reform?

This is the challenge of the unions for the next 12 days before January 31, which will mark Act II of the protest against the pension reform.

This Thursday, the inter-union won the bet of the street - the CGT claims 2 million people in the streets.

The police, meanwhile, counted more than a million.

Europe 1 was in the Parisian procession and met Gisèle.

This 64-year-old retiree, retired from active life for just a year, calls on the French to mobilize.

“Making people work until they are 64 is scandalous,” pointed out the sixty-something.

"There is a part of people who are broken at 64."

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A call for massive mobilization

For Gisèle, the French deserve to retire earlier.

"I believe that after having worked all my life and having to raise children, I also have the right to rest. I will follow the movement hoping that it will be as mobilizing as possible because indeed, this It would be a shame if it ended today."

And to qualify: "I'm not afraid of it because it's really the people who are concerned. Otherwise the government is shaking its butt today and then it will pass and it must not pass."

A call launched for the next mobilization, on January 31.