According to RIA Novosti, earlier the Ukrainian language ombudsman Taras Kremin said that problems were identified in educational institutions in the Transcarpathian region in organizing education in the Ukrainian language.

At the same time, local media spoke about the dismissal of people close to the Transcarpathian Society of Hungarian Culture and the removal of Hungarian flags in Mukachevo.

“Anti-Hungarian decisions and actions are, of course, unacceptable, we condemn what happened.

We call on the local authorities to immediately stop the atrocities against the Hungarians, ”Mentser wrote on his social networks.

He also called on the Kyiv authorities to stop pressure and cancel the anti-Hungarian decisions.

Separately, the Hungarian official declared the inadmissibility of such behavior on the part of a state that seeks to become a member of the European Union.

Earlier in Budapest, they said that the supply of weapons to Ukraine would create a danger for the Hungarians in Transcarpathia.