On Thursday, Peyman Kia was sentenced to life in prison for aggravated espionage.

His younger brother, Payam Kia, was sentenced for the same crime to nine years and ten months in prison.

The case has been described as one of the biggest espionage crimes in Swedish history, and is compared to the Stig Bergling affair.

Säpo and the Armed Forces

Michael Jonsson mainly reacts to the central positions that Peyman Kia held within the Security Police and the intelligence and security service at the Swedish Armed Forces.

How serious of damage do you think these brothers may have done?

- Everything points to the fact that they did a great deal of damage.

It can be seen from the value of the penalty, the assessment reported by the district court, and how much resources the Security Police put into this preliminary investigation.

The prosecutor has also said that it is a qualified secret document, which is the highest level of protection.

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