The technical evidence has been extensive against the convicted spies, brothers Peyman Kia, 42, and Payam Kia, 35. According to the verdict in the Stockholm district court, which was announced on Thursday, it is beyond all doubt that they have both been guilty of gross espionage against Sweden on behalf of Russia.

During the years 2007-2015, Peyman Kia was employed at the Security Police, Säpo, and the Armed Forces' intelligence operations.

During that time, within the framework of his position, he is said to have acquired 90 secret documents, which he photographed and transferred to a private computer.

Around half of these have since, with the help of his younger brother, been sold to promote Russia, according to the district court.

Hard drives are missing

The two brothers have consistently denied wrongdoing and during the course of the classified investigation gave different explanations for the evidence that has been presented.

When Peyman Kia's computer was seized during a search, two encryption programs were found as well as traces of 15 external storage devices connected to the device.

In questioning, Kia claims that the encryption was used to protect private data and images, which the court does not believe.

The brothers have also handled large sums of money and cash.

Among other things, they have, partly with the help of bulvans, exchanged dollars for Swedish kronor at various exchange offices.

Peyam Kia and his wife have also spent large sums on shopping and restaurant visits, according to the investigation.

Bathroom renovation and wedding

During the period 2016–2017, deposits of a total of SEK 134,000 were also made to Peyam Kia's account and to the account he has jointly with his wife.

According to him, according to the judgment, it was necessary to show a certain account holding before applying for citizenship in Canada.

He has also stated that the money was intended for a bathroom renovation and a wedding seven years ago, which the court also does not believe.

Wrote about GRU

Among the evidence against Payam Kia, who is said to have handed over documents and received money in the period 2014-2019, are digital messages and notes where he has written, among other things, "GRU", which is linked to the Russian military intelligence service.

Traces of his Internet searches also show, according to the court, that he has tried to suppress evidence.

Among other things, he has searched for different ways to delete apps, files and images as well as the phrases "disappear in Sweden" and "keep away from the law".

The judgments will be appealed, according to lawyer Anton Strand.