(New Year's news) Taiwanese milk tea shop owner: Refill a cup of "Taiwan flavor" during the Spring Festival

  China News Agency, Chengdu, January 19th, title: Taiwanese milk tea shop owner: Refill a cup of "Taiwanese flavor" during the Spring Festival

  China News Agency reporter Wang Peng

  Early in the morning on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, Chen Yunru, a young Taiwanese, came to a milk tea shop in Pidu District, Chengdu, and began to prepare ingredients for the day.

"We don't close the store during the Spring Festival this year, just to take advantage of this time to increase exposure." While making tea jelly, she explained to reporters the reason for not returning to Taiwan for the New Year.

The picture shows that on January 13, Chen Yunru introduced her milk tea to customers.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun

  The 31-year-old Chen Yunru came to the mainland after graduating from university, and has been to Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guilin, Nanning and other cities.

In 2019, she saw the development opportunities in the southwest of the mainland and came to Chengdu to start a business.

  "Taiwanese youths need to have a deep understanding of a place if they want to take root in the mainland." Chen Yunru, who said with a smile that she "has been overwhelmed in society", has her own "business experience".

After she came to Chengdu, she visited the Chengdu City Planning Museum as her first stop to learn about the direction of development. "This is a very special place in mainland China. Every city has its own planning museum."

  As the gourmet capital of the world, Chengdu attaches great importance to the development of the catering service industry.

After seeing this and inspecting the market, Chen Yunru settled in Yataiqing (Chengdu) Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Park and created the Taiwanese milk tea brand "Ziqi Chalai".

Taking advantage of the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, she also opened a milk tea shop in Chongqing.

The picture shows that on January 13, Chen Yunru was making milk tea.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun

  Entering the milk tea industry, Chen Yunru has her own confidence - Taiwan's milk tea industry is well developed, and her family runs a tea garden in New Taipei.

She combines Sichuan elements with Taiwanese milk tea. The raw materials come from Taiwan to make pure Taiwanese-style handmade milk tea, allowing Chengdu people to experience Taiwanese food culture.

  "Their milk tea is really different from other stores. I am very happy that I can drink the pure Taiwanese taste in Chengdu." Holding a cup of "Panda duai duai milk tea", Chengdu resident Xiao Yu said that although he has never been to Taiwan, he has If you have a chance, you will definitely go, "Taste snacks and drink milk tea at the Taipei Night Market".

The picture shows that on January 13, Chen Yunru had a video call with her mother through a mobile phone.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun

  The reporter noticed that many customers who come to the milk tea shop will be attracted by this "panda duai duai milk tea".

Chen Yunru specially explained that "duai" is pronounced in Taiwan, meaning "Q bomb". This milk tea is made of black tea jelly in the shape of a giant panda, and served with white milk. "It has a rich taste and is interesting."

  In recent years, physical catering has been impacted by the new crown epidemic. Chen Yunru had no choice but to close the store in Chongqing, based in Chengdu, and "survived" through persistence.

Since December 2022, when the mainland optimized its epidemic prevention and control policies, business has been getting better and better.

So she decided not to go back to Taiwan to reunite with her family during the Spring Festival this year, and use the holiday to further promote the brand.

  "There is an old saying in Taiwan, 'If you stand under the theater for a long time, you will have your seat', which means that even if there is no seat for a while, but if you stand for a long time, the person sitting in front of you will always leave, and it will be your turn." Chen Yunru said that during the epidemic, he and his partners worked together to accumulate experience, and the goal was to "take root and persevere".

  "Although we haven't made a lot of money due to the epidemic in the past few years, the biggest gain is that we can 'survive'." Chen Yunru said frankly that it is not due to the efforts of one person, but the practical help of all parties. "Our office in the Pioneer Park only needs to pay water, electricity and property fees, and there is also a green channel to apply for a business license, which saves a lot of effort."

  In the past few years of opening a milk tea shop in Chengdu, every time she returns to Taiwan, Chen Yunru will introduce the real situation in mainland China to her relatives and friends.

"Through my milk tea business, let everyone understand the real mainland." In her opinion, this can really help young Taiwanese with ideas to find a market that is truly suitable for development.

  There are only two days left before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit. As the surrounding beverage stores enter the "holiday mode", the business of Chen Yunru's milk tea shop is getting better and better, and she is getting busier and busier.

She joked, "The earth won't explode, we won't have a holiday, and we want more people in Chengdu to drink Taiwanese milk tea during the Spring Festival."

  "In the new year, I will 'stabilize' the business in Chengdu first, and I will definitely return to Chongqing in the future." Chen Yunru said that in the Year of the Rabbit, she has new plans, "Combine agricultural products with catering, bring our products to the countryside, and use An opportunity for rural revitalization, to be an entrepreneurial project involving farmers.”