Since 2007, it is forbidden for private individuals to fish for eels without a permit.

But the ban does not seem to have stopped PM Nilsson.

Seven years after the law came into effect, he admits that he fished for eels.

"Celebrating National Day with boiled own caught eel and potatoes!"

he writes in a comment on Facebook on June 6, 2014.

As early as 2014, PM Nilsson admits that he broke the Fisheries Act.

Photo: Facebook

On Wednesday, Sydöstran revealed that PM Nilsson must pay SEK 38,800 after being convicted of poaching in Karlskrona in September 2021. In a comment on Facebook, PM Nilsson admits that he denied the crime twice, before both the Maritime and Water Authority and the police.

But that he then contacted the police and confessed to the crime.

"I should have said then that it was my tools, but the situation was so embarrassing and surprising that I continued to deny," he writes on Facebook.

"I thought the case was out of this world and was surprised, didn't have time to think clearly and maintained my denial," he continues.

Requires departure

The revelation has caused the opposition to demand the resignation of PM Nilsson.

PM Nilsson has previously been political editor at the newspaper Dagens industri and was also head of editorial at Expressen.

Since November last year, he has been state secretary in the government office.

Patrik Svensson, the author behind the acclaimed book "Ålevangeliet", calls PM Nilsson's actions "selfish and disrespectful".

- When he goes poaching for eels, he reveals himself as not only a reckless and criminal person, but also as a person who actually doesn't care, he says in a comment to SVT Kulturnyheterna.

SVT Nyheter Blekinge has sought PM Nilsson for a comment.