That a party leader who is not part of the government gets a permanent seat in the inner cabinet is historic in Sweden - and the result of the negotiations at Tidö Castle after the election.

In practice, this means that the party gets to participate in every step when many political proposals are to be drawn up by the government.

The government office also has four different coordination offices - three for each government party and one for the Sweden Democrats.

The task of the coordination offices is, according to the Cabinet Committee, "to contribute to the implementation of the agreed policy".

In budget matters or matters related to the Tidö Agreement, the SD's coordination office has as much influence as the government's three coordination offices.

At the same time, the so-called coordinators, officials in the coordination offices, also have a lot to say.

- If the coordinators do not agree, no decisions are made in the government, says a person with good insight.

Arouses criticism

This construction has attracted criticism from the opposition, but also from the own team.

One of those who are critical is Ulrica Schenström, former state secretary to Fredrik Reinfeldt.

She believes that Jimmie Åkesson has had "extremely much" to say about.

- It is ironic that we had an S government that presented a more bourgeois budget and that now with a moderate-led government we do not deliver bourgeois politics, she says to Politikbyrån.

She is also critical of the fact that Jimmie Åkesson cannot be examined by KU, as he is not in the government as a minister.

- It is a democratic problem that a party leader who is involved in making government decisions cannot be scrutinized by the Constitution Committee.

We have the constitution we have so that KU can review the decisions that the government makes.

"Incredibly talented"

At the same time, Ulrica Schenström points out that there is still a long way to go in the term and that it remains to be seen how things will go forward.

At the same time, she takes the opportunity to give some praise to Jimmie Åkesson.

- It is incredibly talented to put yourself in a position where you can decide without having to be scrutinized.