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How could it be otherwise, the last farewell to Gina Lollobrigida, who died last Monday at the age of 95, has been worthy of her rank as one of the most important personalities in Italy.

After the funeral chapel installed in the Protomoteca room of the Campidoglio palace, today Thursday the funeral took place in the basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto, built on the

tomb where the emperor Nero was buried,

who was said to have set fire to Romo.

Hoaxes or not, this time the fire was on the benches inside the religious temple located in Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

To one side were sitting the son of the actress, Milko (66), her grandson Dimitri (27) and her husband or ex-husband

-according to the versions that serve as reference, Javier RIgau (60), whose presence amazed many people due to because in recent years Gina and the Catalan businessman had fought hard in court to determine if the marriage really existed.

In addition, her son and grandson also put her against the wall when they tried to incapacitate her because she was wasting her fortune.

A court ruled that the diva was

in full use of her faculties

, but her descendants pointed to the young

Andrea Piazzolla

(35), sitting on the other side of the temple, as the cause of squandering a large part of her heritage.

The latter went to trial, but at the moment there is no resolution.

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What happened to Javier Rigau?

The Spanish husband of Gina Lollobrigida mourns the death of the actress

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What happened to Javier Rigau?

The Spanish husband of Gina Lollobrigida mourns the death of the actress

What has been palpable in the environment this morning has been



Andrea, immaculately dressed, did not stop crying for who had been a reference for him since

he went to live with Gina in 2015 at her villa on Via Appia Antica


Right away he became a partner, his assistant and his secretary.

Those close to the actress assure that she was a

harmful influence

on her due to her advanced age and her emotional fragility.

Javier Rigau has taken the opportunity to denounce that his beloved had been robbed.

At present it is said that he had a fortune of 10 million euros, but until recently it was estimated at around 35 million.

Javier Rigau, in the front row at the funeral of Gina Lollobrigida in Rome.GTRES

The four most important men in


's life mourned her inside and out.

Milko expressed in a few words that, at least today,

the hatchet will be buried out of

respect for what was called

the most beautiful woman in the world

and the first Italian performer to successfully conquer Hollywood with luminaries like Tony Curtis, Humphrey Bogart or Rock Hudson. .

Among those attending the funeral,

close friends of Gina stood out, such as the presenter Mara Venier

(72), the actress Bárbara Bouchet (79) or the director Giulio Base.

Dozens of fans applauded her exit, shouting "the queen of Rome" while the trumpets of the

bersaglieri sounded,

the infantry corps that she popularized in the film

Pan, love and fantasy


Gina's mortal remains rest in Subiaco, her hometown about fifty kilometers from the Italian capital.

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