“Retirement before arthritis”, “metro, job, tomb”, “we will not retreat”… The unions succeeded on Thursday in strongly mobilizing against the pension reform, and have already announced a new day of action, January 31, to roll back the government.

“More than two million” people demonstrated in more than 200 processions in France, including around 400,000 in Paris, said the CGT, while the Ministry of the Interior counted 1.12 million demonstrators, including 80,000 in the capital. .

A level of mobilization higher than that of December 5, 2019, at the start of the protest against the previous pension reform project.

Back, in pictures, on the slogans in the demonstrations in France.

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  • The unions succeeded in mobilizing strongly against the pension reform on Thursday with more than 2 million demonstrators in France, according to the CGT, and 1.12 million, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

  • In Nantes, "we worked it's not to die".

  • In Bordeaux, “Manu!!

    You are overstepping the bounds."

  • In Dijon, we found almost the same inspiration as in Bordeaux!

  • In Toulouse, “metro, job, tomb”.

  • Or, “for our children, freedom”.

  • In Saint-Denis de la Réunion, the demonstrators also said "no to the decline in the retirement age".

  • In Paris, there was a good atmosphere.

  • But Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne was there to watch!

    She also praised the “good conditions” in which the demonstrations took place, reported Afp.

  • "Retirement before arthritis", in Paris, January 19, 2023.

  • In this younger part of the procession, the demonstrators added a touch of ecology in the slogans: "no planet, no retirement".

  • "Living useful and dying...", still in the Parisian demonstration.

  • We stay on the same topic here…

  • The Attac association offered a small dance to the demonstrators of the Parisian procession.

  • The front…

  • And the back!

  • "We will not retreat", still in Paris.

  • “General strike = 49.3 of the people”.

  • “+ 2 years = Old people at work”, “+2°C = Young people under water”.

  • Here, a pictorial way of seeing the pension fund...

  • Finally, a demonstrator tried to give a lesson in ornithology in the Parisian procession...

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