, Hong Kong, January 19th (Reporter Suo Youwei Liu Xuanting) At the beginning of the new year, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government appointed members of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, including Ma Junwei, a representative of the art field selected through the 2022 nomination and selection activities, for his role in the TV series " "Little Xuanzi" in "The Deer and Ding Tale" and known as "the most handsome Kangxi in history", Ma Junwei freely switches among multiple roles such as singer, barista, Peking University student, and public servant.

How will he perform his duties as a public official?

What gains and insights did he have from studying at Peking University?

How does he face the darkest moment in his life?

Ma Junwei recently accepted an interview with China News Network's "Hong Kong and Macau Meeting Room" to answer these questions one by one.

An excerpt from the interview is as follows:

"Public officials are not paid, I am just a pure volunteer, but I am very happy" reporter: You have recently joined the Hong Kong public office. How did you feel when you heard the news?

Ma Junwei:

Many of my mainland friends have a little misunderstanding about this.

They think that public officials are equivalent to civil servants.

Absolutely not.

Public officials are right, they are appointed by the government, and they will invite some people in the industry to participate in the work of government departments.

For example, I joined the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in November 2022. I am a member of the committee responsible for theater development. I mainly use my experience to promote the development of some theaters in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. I can directly tell audience friends that public officials and Civil servants are two different things, we are not paid.

We are just pure volunteers, but I am very happy.

  On January 1st, I also joined the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, mainly in charge of film and new media, and I will work very hard to see what role I can play.

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Source: China News Network reporter: The construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is in full swing. As a member of the Arts Development Council, how should you promote the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area's film and television industry in Hong Kong, and how to cooperate with the Mainland's film and television industry?

Ma Junwei:

First of all, I want to emphasize that there is still one point that many friends in Hong Kong are confused about.

Hong Kong itself is in the Greater Bay Area. The Greater Bay Area is not a place outside Hong Kong. We are in the Greater Bay Area.

Then, how to connect the nearby cities in the entire Greater Bay Area, and then play the role of their connection.

I think this is the point.

  Hong Kong has two advantages: First, we have the full support of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the newly established Culture and Sports Bureau.

They give us a lot of support and encouragement.

Then, the Liaison Office in Hong Kong has been mobilizing a lot of resources to support the development of culture and art in Hong Kong.

  I plan to promote some film projects in the Greater Bay Area immediately after the new committee takes office.

It doesn't have to be a large proportion, but I hope that the entire production process of some films can travel in the Greater Bay Area, and I can go to different locations to shoot, and invite production staff or actors from different cities to make a film that is not based on Hong Kong is preparing a film for a single unit, whether it is Macau, Guangzhou, or the stories that happened in various cities in the entire Greater Bay Area. In fact, I am also conceiving.

  I hope that whether it is in the Arts Development Council, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, or the SAR government, I can put forward some ideas, and then mobilize entertainers in the Greater Bay Area to participate together, with continuity , There are different works coming out all the time.

Ma Junwei was recently interviewed by China News Network "Hong Kong and Macau Living Room" Photo by Li Zhihua reporter: We also know that many people have suggested that Hong Kong's film and television industry has stagnated in recent years, and the gap with the mainland has become wider and wider. What do you think of this formulation?

Ma Junwei:

I have been in the performing arts industry in Hong Kong for thirty years.

From singing to TV, then to film, stage, and drama, and then to work as a screenwriter, director, producer, producer, and broadcaster.

Hong Kong is a place full of characteristics, and it has grown up with many people, but we have to admit that the development of film and television in the mainland is really very fast, so I think our Hong Kong counterparts really need to work harder, especially some big ones in the mainland Works, some IPs are really powerful, with sufficient resources and talents, so for Hong Kong, I will not see it as a test, but it will be a very good driving force, which will make Hong Kong industry workers feel " You have to work harder", so in the future, I am also very willing to contribute in this field. reporter: The audience is also very concerned about your recent situation. What is your daily work like?

Ma Junwei:

I have my own studio, a company that makes music, plays, and movies, a school about performing arts, some cram schools for middle school students or elementary school students, and coffee, and I also want to Do some social service stuff.

I'm also a TV drama director, a host of Hong Kong TV, and their creative director, plus everything else, so it's hard for me to answer you, my current (job).

  I believe there will only be more and more public offices, and I am also happy.

Because Ma Junwei is a very active person, I am really motivated every day, so I feel that I am very sure of my time.

  As long as what you want to do isn't hurting someone to get what you want, do it. reporter: You have a variety of identities and various crossovers. Could you please introduce how you allocate your time?

Ma Junwei:

Actually, I think I still feel that I am very idle every day. I really (have) a lot of time to spare, so I have different books in my bag.

Of course, there will always be a tablet in my bag for a long time, why?

Because I have to work all the time.

  Many friends say that I am a master of time management. This is really overrated. I just make good use of time and don't waste it.

I think that if you want to manage time well, you must first manage yourself well. I grasp every minute and every second, and I can grasp it quite accurately. And if you want to solve problems, I have a natural ability, which is easy to see Where is the core of the problem, and as long as we can solve the core problem, or operate in this direction, the problem can be easily solved. reporter: Many netizens call you "Ma Quancai". Just now you mentioned various crossovers, and you have been pursuing further studies.

In fact, not many people have the courage to start all over again.

How did you manage to restart so many times?

Ma Junwei:

First of all, don't be afraid, what is there to be afraid of?

Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves, what are you afraid of?

It means that if you go to the hospital when you are sick, people will see you go to the hospital, so what is there to be afraid of?

The same is true in life, many times the problem is your own.

You have too much uncertainty about it, too many predictions.

You are predicting and estimating things that didn’t happen at all. As a result, you are already afraid before taking your first step. As a result, you waste at least a few months thinking about it.

Should I do this?

Should I do that thing? I thought about it and thought about it more and more.

After thinking about it, but not doing it in the end, it becomes a fantasy.

I often say that as long as what you want to do is not illegal, unreasonable, or hurting others to get what you want.

Then you go ahead and do it.

As long as you can bear it, you will lose and fail in the end. If you can bear the consequences, you can do it. Why do you think so much?

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Source: China News Network

There are many things that can be done with the use of mainland film and television resources reporter: When you played Xiaoxuanzi, you were popular across the Taiwan Strait, and everyone called you "the most handsome Kangxi in history". What do you think of this title?

Ma Junwei:

I know it's been playing until now.

Thank you, of course, but I still feel a little overrated.

But I am really grateful. I really didn’t expect that this play will continue to be passed down to this day. Up to now, many people will say Xiao Xuanzi when they talk about this play. The work is quite beautiful, you can see more in the back.

Source: Screenshot of Ma Junwei Weibo

Reporter from Chinanews: Is the role of Kangxi in "The Deer and Ding Tale" a turning point in your career?

What is the situation like for you?

Ma Junwei:

The role of Xiaoxuanzi transformed Ma Junwei from a singer in the music industry to an actor, and then he learned a lot after entering TVB, and all of them are free, as long as you are willing to learn.

  In TVB, actors are not allowed to enter the studio without memorizing the script. This has cultivated a group of actors who can endure hardships. I think this is a very valuable part of TVB. The process is certainly hard, but for me, I saw It's good, because it has trained me, everything is very simple for me today. reporter: In 2012, you established your own studio and went north to develop. In the past ten years, what kind of changes do you think the film and television industry in the Mainland has undergone?

Ma Junwei:

I think the development of film and television in the mainland is super fast, and it has reached a very professional level, which is definitely at the international level. The development of film and television in China as a whole has already established a very high position in the entire international market.

  Hong Kong is a part of our country. In the past, Hong Kong’s overall film and television development would be faster than that of the mainland, but the mainland has quickly caught up. Now the mainland market is already very good. We need to strengthen more IPs in it, because the hardware is very good. , we need more themes and more originals, especially now that Hong Kong hopes to become the center of culture and art with the support of the state. There are too many new creations, I think there are too many things that can happen, which cannot be stopped. reporter: This is a great opportunity.

Ma Junwei:

Yes, this is the blessing of our Chinese people. We can go to today, and then go international, and we have not lost to anyone. I think this is really amazing.

Ma Junwei was recently interviewed by China News Network "Hong Kong and Macau Living Room" Photo by Li Zhihua

Think of yourself as an artist, don't think of yourself as a star

Chinanews reporter: We also know that you went to Peking University to study for an EMBA in 2018. Could you please share why you wanted to return to school?

Then what is it like to go to Peking University?

Ma Junwei:

I used to be like many Hong Kong people, and I was also like many mainland families. My family was relatively poor, and only my dad worked alone. Even if you have good grades, your chances of going to university are very low.

In my time, there were only two universities in Hong Kong, so it was a big deal to be admitted to a university.

  At that time, I had the opportunity to continue to study art design. My grades in art were really high. I got the first place in Chinese, and I was OK in English. But my other grades were not good. The school originally recommended me to continue my studies. But in the end, I didn't study because the tuition was too expensive, so I came out to work, and I have been to this day.

About four or five years ago.

I feel that Ma Junwei’s life path is rich in scenery and path, but I think I still need to add some professional knowledge. At that time, I had a friend who was studying EMBA at Peking University. I am traveling to Beijing.

They took me to visit Peking University.

Then I met the director of that class.

They asked me "Brother Ma, do you want to come and read"?

I said, "Can I? I'm not a college student, and I haven't studied for an undergraduate degree." They were willing to accept me, but I couldn't take the entrance exam. When I graduated in 2010, I had made it very clear on Weibo and Facebook.

Because many friends congratulated me on becoming a master student.

I said that I am not a master's student, really don't get me wrong, I didn't get this degree.

I'm not looking for that (degree). reporter: We know that during that time, you also frequently came to explain why you didn’t want to make mistakes and make mistakes?

Ma Junwei:

No, fake, how could you lie to people?

This is impossible.

And from the beginning, the director of seniors who interviewed told me that "you cannot be awarded a degree", and I said "I know, it's okay, I will study", but I still have a certificate of completion.

I still finished my courses, and my grades are among the more than 130 people in our whole class, maybe in the middle and upper reaches.

That's OK.

  I couldn't even get into university before, but I was able to get into Peking University, and I actually studied for two years.

I studied the same as other master students. I also lived in the school and made many new friends and professors. We are still in touch now, which is enough, so I have very good memories in those two years.

Source: Screenshot of Ma Junwei Weibo reporter: When you were studying at Peking University, because you were a star student, did you feel any pressure?

Or when a classmate sees you, do they just feel very happy that you are a classmate?

Ma Junwei:

The thing that annoys me the most is that each of them said "I watched your movies when I was young", and I replied to them, "But why do you look older than me"?

Make fun of them.

I think the most interesting thing is that many children with undergraduate degrees from Peking University will come to see me, ask me to sign autographs and take pictures, but I don't think it matters.

If I can't recognize it, should I be a little worried?

I have been so many years, this development is for nothing?

I think the happiest thing is our then deputy dean Professor Li Qi, she is very famous, and her lectures are very interesting.

The first day of class is her class.

She walked up to me suddenly while talking, and then turned around and said, "Oh, why am I a little stressed today, so there is a star student here."

  One thing I am really proud of is that I have never asked for leave, I have never been late or left early, and every time I do my homework, I am either the second or the first to hand it in.

In all my classes, they all said that I am a very disciplined student. reporter: We also want to know what the experience of studying at Peking University has brought you?

What gains do you think you have grown?

Ma Junwei:

I have been working in the mainland in the late 1990s, and I often travel to and from Hong Kong. I am quite familiar with the impression of the mainland and the country.

I have been in Beijing every month for two consecutive years, allowing me to understand more deeply about the students in our class and the stories behind each of them.

I finally understand why they cherish the time spent with their classmates, because they come from different provinces, and the students in our class are basically only children. They care about their friends very much, so the relationship between them and their friends and classmates is very special. Honey, this is different from the young people who grew up in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has many brothers and sisters at home.

  I have never regarded myself as an ordinary person.

I often tell many new generations in the entertainment industry, if you really want to develop an artistic career for a long time, please treat yourself as an artist, not a star.

The road to stardom is very short, but you are an artist, and the road is very long. Performing art is a very deep knowledge. It’s not that you will understand if you say you have been filming for decades.

I am still reading and learning. My schoolbag is full of books about art, and I still need to keep studying, so I don’t think I have any celebrity baggage, which has long been gone.

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"Don't think you deserve everything you have, plan your life well" reporter: Your life has always been very exciting, but in fact there have been some low points in it.

Like in 1999, when your loved one passed away, how did you survive?

Ma Junwei:

It was a big blow at that time.

In fact, when I was six years old, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know it when I was a child. My memory is that sometimes my father would drag my mother and me to the hospital. I didn’t know what my mother’s disease was until I was in junior high school. .

Suddenly the whole person became very unhappy.

Later, my mother continued to treat.

We are a very good family.

But by 1999, my mother had experienced two relapses, and her body was really weak and she couldn't eat anymore.

The doctor told her to have an operation and directly infuse some nutrient solution into it.

Then she refuses.

Later, I was the only one to persuade her, and she agreed.

But in the early morning of the operation day, she left.

I feel like I indirectly killed my mother. My mother finally decided to have this operation because she couldn’t bear my sadness. This incident was a big blow to me, and I got depression as a result. It has been about seven or eight years. During that time, I saw a doctor, took medicine, and did exercise. I filmed a lot of TVB scenes, anesthetized myself with work, and often used alcohol to anesthetize myself. Don’t learn this.

And my belief, which made me come through later, started in 2006, and Ma Junwei went to another stage of life again, and became the me I am today.

Ma Junwei was recently interviewed by China News Network "Hong Kong and Macau Living Room" Photo by Li Zhihua

Reporter from We know that there is an old Chinese saying that "you know your destiny at fifty", like the journey you have gone through?

Do you have any life insights?

Ma Junwei:

Fortunately, you didn't say that my (60) ears are good. reporter: Is there anything you can share with young people about your life insights?

Ma Junwei:

No, I am still a child, I am still studying, and I still need to study.

I think the most important thing is what kind of heart should you maintain?

I think we should cherish it and take good care of it.

Don't think that what you have now is what you should have, and don't think that what you have now is eternal, absolutely not.

Even today we can breathe comfortably.

Sorry, this is not what it should be, many people have no ability to breathe.

Don't think that you don't cherish your eyes when you see something. You play games with your mobile phone every day, hide under the covers and play video games, and you are hurting your eyes all the time.

We really need to plan our lives carefully.

This parent is also responsible, because when the child is young, if you can give him a good example.

He will grow up with you.

  I encourage young people and the new generation to read more books, learn more from elders, teachers, and seniors, and ask for advice.

Now technology is very advanced, but sometimes don't get too close, including not putting your life on the Internet.

The Internet brings us a lot of convenience, but your life is not in the Internet, even if it is the metaverse, etc., your life is in the process of learning, we can't stop the development of technology, but I think we should never be led by technology. Life.

How I use it, rather than being used by it, is very important.