, Wuhan, January 19th (Zhang Qin, Pan Li, Zhang Wenjing) "In the past year, we have launched nearly a hundred national music albums on major online platforms." Li Mengxiu, a Taiwanese music producer living in Wuhan, accepted an interview on the evening of the 18th. The reporter said in an interview that in the new year, he will continue to devote himself to the promotion of Chinese folk music and let classic folk music pass on.

  That night, the 2023 Wuhan Taiwan Compatriots Taiwanese Entrepreneurs’ New Year Friendship Party hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan City was held. More than 40 Taiwanese businessmen from Han and Taiwan compatriots, including Li Mengxiu, gathered together to talk about the harvest of the past year and look forward to future life. Looking forward to welcoming the Spring Festival together.

  "When Taiwan enterprises and businessmen in Taiwan need love and help the most, we feel the city's careful care." At the fraternity, Su Gaoming, executive vice president of Wuhan Taiwan Association, said that whether it is health and epidemic prevention, production and operation, or life Security, study and employment, Taiwanese businessmen from Han and Taiwan have received meticulous care.

In the new year, the Wuhan Taiwan Association will unite and lead the majority of Taiwanese businessmen in Han and Taiwan to actively participate in urban construction, seize opportunities in Wuhan, and help Wuhan develop.

  Cheng Liangsheng, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Hubei Province, introduced that in the past year, Hubei has held nearly a hundred cross-strait cultural, historical, technological, religious, youth and other exchange activities, continuing the enthusiasm for exchanges between Hubei and Taiwan. Actions such as the "Youth" plan and the "Year of Policy Implementation for Benefiting Taiwan" have helped Taiwan youth pursue, build and realize their dreams in Hubei, and enhance the sense of acquisition and happiness of Taiwan compatriots in Hubei.

  According to statistics, there were 154 new, capital-increased and continued-invested Taiwan-funded enterprises in Hubei Province last year, and the actual use of Taiwanese capital was 2.2 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 252.8%.

Among them, there are 23 new Taiwan-funded enterprises in Wuhan, and 6 Taiwanese enterprises such as Shanchuan Biology and Sanye Shihlin Electric have been rated as one of Wuhan's top 100 enterprises on the list of "heroes per mu".

  On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Hubei Province and Wuhan City formed a number of condolence groups to visit Taiwanese enterprises and businessmen to understand the work, life and production and operation conditions, coordinate and solve existing difficulties and problems in a timely manner, and send holidays to the majority of Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan enterprises Greetings and New Year wishes.

Up to now, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan has visited 125 Taiwan-funded enterprises inside and outside the province.

  Yang Zefa, deputy mayor of Wuhan, said that in the new year, Wuhan will further deepen the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Han and Taiwan, provide a broader space for the development of Taiwanese enterprises, effectively guarantee the equal treatment of Taiwan compatriots, and promote the spiritual harmony of compatriots on both sides of the strait.