In December, Ulf Kristersson discussed Sweden's role as the country holding the presidency of the EU in the Riksdag.

It was in connection with this that the former minister Matilda Ernkrans, who also sits on the Social Democrats' party board, asked the prime minister a sour question: "Who is the boss holding the reins?".

The reason is that the Sweden Democrats have gained a great deal of influence in EU politics, something that was not initially included in the Tidö Agreement, but which is evident from documents from the government office.

- For me, it became more and more obvious that we have to deal with a rather weak minority government consisting of three parties that are smaller than us Social Democrats and where the SD governs and dictates.

How should the government's decisions be reviewed and who should be held accountable?

It is worrying, says Matilda Ernkrans to Politikbyrån.

"I was a little upset"

Matilda Ernkrans says that, when she hears Ulf Kristersson and other ministers speak, she gets the feeling that it is "someone else holding the baton".

- As far as the EU issues are concerned, it has become quite obvious that they are not outside the Tidö Agreement as the Prime Minister said.

SD is involved and also controls this policy.

I was a little upset and thought that was a good way to illustrate it.

Isn't it a little mean to compare Ulf Kristersson to a dog?

- Well, maybe it's a little mean.

When you are in the heat of the debate, you sometimes use an expression that is a bit mean, but on the other hand, I think that Ulf Kristersson is quite good at it himself, so I think he can stand it.

"Jimmie Åkesson is the most powerful"

L had a coordination office when you collaborated with them, you don't throw stones in glass houses here?

- No I do not think so.

The unique thing here is that the largest party in the constellation does not hold the government.

Conditions were not like that before.

SVT Nyheter has applied for Ulf Kristersson.

In the debate with Matilda Ernkrans, however, he answered as follows:

- I know that the Social Democrats are a bit obsessed with the Sweden Democrats and always want to talk about them in every issue, whatever it is about.