, January 19th, within five days, there were two worrying incidents of civilian casualties in Ukraine. First, 45 civilians were killed in a sudden missile attack on a residential building in Dnipro, and then the helicopter that the Minister of the Interior took was in the outskirts of the capital Kyiv. The crash near the kindergarten killed more than ten people including children.

  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was busy making a video speech at the Davos Forum, expressed that he was not worried about his personal safety, while implying that Russia’s military action was the root cause of all this, and finally did not forget to continue to urge Western allies to speed up military aid.

"There was a lot of fog and no light...falling near the kindergarten"

  On the afternoon of the 18th, the Ukrainian State Emergency Service released the latest news that a total of 14 people were killed and 25 were injured in the helicopter crash in Brovaly, an eastern suburb of Kyiv that day.

The national emergency agency revised the previous 18 deaths to 14 deaths.

  All nine people on board the helicopter were killed, including several senior Ukrainian government officials including Interior Minister Denis Monastrsky and First Deputy Interior Minister Yevgen Yenin.

  After the helicopter crashed, it exploded and caught fire, and the buildings on the ground were damaged. Among the casualties were children near the crash site.

  According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), local resident Volodymyr Yermelenko was quoted as saying: "There was a lot of fog, there was no electricity, and when there was no electricity, there were no lights on the buildings."

  Other witnesses said the pilot tried to avoid high-rise buildings before crashing and instead fell near a kindergarten.

  A local woman told the BBC she saw the terrifying flash of light as the helicopter circled over her home.

She said the pilot apparently tried to avoid her 10-story apartment building and opted to move closer to smaller buildings.

  At present, there is no indication that the crash was not an accident.

But Ukraine's national security service said it was investigating several possible causes of the crash, including sabotage, technical failure or a violation of flight rules by the pilot.

  Just four days ago, on the 14th, Ukraine suffered one of the worst attacks since the escalation of the crisis. A residential building in Dnipro was suddenly attacked by missiles. The building was razed to the ground and 45 civilians were tragically killed, including 6 children.

"His death stabbed deeply at the heart of the Kyiv government"

  Interior Minister Denis Monastrsky, who died in the crash, was one of President Zelensky's longest-serving political advisers and the highest number of Ukrainian deaths since the Ukrainian crisis began, the BBC said. level government officials.

  British media said that his death "deeply pricked the heart of the Kyiv government" because the Minister of the Interior shouldered the important task of maintaining law and order and managing the police during the crisis.

  He has been one of the most familiar faces to Ukrainians throughout the Ukraine crisis and has been responsible for briefing the public on the casualties from Russian missile attacks since February 2022.

  A friend of the late minister, MP Mariia Mezentseva, said it was a tragedy for everyone because he was instrumental in Ukraine's response to the crisis.

"He was responsive 24/7 to colleagues, friends and family. He has been very close to Zelensky since day one of the presidential campaign."

  After Monastrsky's death, Igor Klimenko, head of the Ukrainian National Police, also served as deputy interior minister and acting interior minister.

Data map: Zelensky.

'I don't worry about my safety'

  Just hours after news of the helicopter crash broke, Zelensky was speaking via video from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, when CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria asked him if he was concerned about the current threat and own safety.

  He said, "No, I'm not worried. I have nothing to add."

  The media said that Zelensky had been the target of multiple assassination attempts, but he himself turned a deaf ear to security issues.

  Shortly after Russia launched a special military operation in late February 2022, Zelensky rejected a U.S. offer to withdraw him from Kyiv.

  Zelensky's most popular quote in 2022 is "I need ammo, not a free ride."

"It wasn't an accident"

  The CNN commentator also said, "We think it was an accident, we hope it was an accident."

  "It was not an accident," Zelenskiy responded, because it was caused by military action.

He believes that under the current situation in Russia and Ukraine, there are no "accidents" to speak of.

  Ukraine did not say that Russia was directly involved, but the US "Wall Street Journal" stated that Zelensky clearly attributed the crash to Russia's special military operation against Ukraine.

  As he mourned the victims and condemned Russia, Zelensky continued to urge Western leaders to move faster and provide weapons to Ukraine to help fend off a worrisome new Russian offensive.

  According to the Wall Street Journal, Ukrainian officials and military analysts have warned in recent weeks that Russia may be preparing new actions to regain its military initiative in Ukraine.