Mansour bin Mohammed honored him twice...a student and an innovator

"Al-Mutawa" creates a global system for extinguishing fires before they ignite

Mansour bin Mohammed honors Captain Issa Ahmed Al-Mutawa.

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His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management, and Director of the Oversight Department at the General Directorate of Civil Defense, honored Captain Issa Ahmed Al Mutawa, for his efforts in developing the best innovative solutions in the field of predicting fires and raising awareness of their causes, through a pioneering smart system. "Civil Defense Readiness".

This is not the first time that His Highness honors Captain Issa Al-Mutawa, as he honored him previously when he ranked first in the Civil Defense candidates' course, which lasted for three years.

The young officer has an exceptional passion for science, and has translated what he learned into practical reality through a unique innovation in the world, represented in a smart system similar to the technique of measuring emotional intelligence, but in an innovative way that relies on analyzing the behaviors of residents in the Emirate of Dubai, and identifying the most prominent mistakes that lead to fires, and then target each nationality separately with an awareness message that suits the culture of its members, and in their own language.

Issa Al-Mutawa represents a model for the young citizen, and he was not satisfied with his academic studies in the field of public relations, but he diligently pursued his academic path, obtaining a master's degree in crisis and disaster management, and is in the process of completing his doctoral dissertation. He also obtained a master's degree in digital transformation and innovation.

In addition to his scientific record, according to Al-Mutawa told Emirates Today, specialized courses in the most prestigious universities in America, such as Harvard, Yale and Pennsylvania, he also obtained two diplomas in cybersecurity, leadership and digital transformation from Mohammed bin Rashid College.

Al-Mutawa stated that he joined the General Directorate of Civil Defense in Dubai seven years ago, and during this period he gained extensive field and administrative experience, so he started as a class leader, then an employee in the operations room, then head of the field control department.

After that, he rose to become a deputy director of a department, until he was appointed director of the Control and Inspection Department. He emphasized that his work in the civil defense was a helping factor in expanding his knowledge and motivating him to acquire knowledge, pointing out that studying public relations at the beginning helped him learn how to deal with members of society. , despite their different cultures, nationalities, and behaviors, and the other studies, which he joined, enhanced an aspect of his skills.

He pointed out that he was keen to integrate administrative and field work, in light of the support, encouragement and care provided by the administration and the Emirate of Dubai in particular, and the state in general, to its children, so it was established in the field through the candidates’ round in which he won first place, and was honored by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed. Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and worked in the operations room of the Hamriyah Center, then as an officer supervising the alternates, and then developed himself in the administrative aspect.

Regarding the "Civil Defense Readiness" system, Al-Mutawa said that His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum requested the preparation of heat maps of the accident sites and the provision of accurate data, so he studied the idea carefully, and then was inspired by his study of emotional intelligence at the prestigious Yale University. It is the technique used by Google to measure the emotional tendencies of the audience, for use in its marketing programs.

He added that he applied the same model, but to monitor the wrong behaviors of individuals, which lead to fires, and linked them to different nationalities, cultures and occasions, and the results were very good.

And based on the accurate data provided by the “Civil Defense Readiness” system, the move was made to the next stage, which is to educate each nationality separately about the wrong behavior that occurs from its members.

The challenge was how to address each in their own language.

He said, “We initially thought of qualifying a group of officers linguistically, but it would have taken six years, so we decided to harness artificial intelligence technology through an (avatar) in the form of a civil defense officer or member to reach our messages to millions with the click of a button, providing heat maps with Accurate data on accidents, causes, and ways to combat them proactively. 

international acclaim

The "Civil Defense Readiness" system has received international praise and support, represented by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as it relies on the use of big data technology, by linking it with government departments in the Emirate of Dubai, and then analyzing that data using artificial intelligence, and predicting the possibility The occurrence of fire accidents based on the database of accidents that occurred in the emirate over the last five years.

The program contributes to identifying the causes of fire for each region, and then sends educational materials in the form of short text messages to the residents in those areas, to identify the most likely causes of fire, and how to avoid them, in order to prevent accidents.

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