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"My name is


I am from


I am 39 years old".

In the last minutes of his life, the Spanish

Juan Flórez Estrada

repeated that phrase several times.

And then he died.

He had fallen off a cliff south of the Argentine city of

Mar del Plata,

when he posed on the edge of the precipice for a photo to be taken in what he had defined as "the best trip" of his life.

On the afternoon of Sunday, January 15, Flórez Estrada was walking along the cliffs in the area of

​​Playa Escondida,

a nudist beach near the main tourist destination in


He approached a tourist who was walking by, asked him to take a photo of him, turned his back to the sea, posed and smiled.

On the edge of the precipice, some stones gave way and the man from Madrid fell backwards for more than 10 meters until he crashed against the stones and the water.

Caught between the rocks, severely injured and conscious, he began to scream.

Tourists in the area did the same, alerting a lifeguard from the nudist beach, who

swam 250 meters to where the Spaniard was.

Rescuing Flórez Estrada was not easy, since it is an area that is very difficult to access.

"The first lifeguard to arrive covered him with a towel and placed a cervical collar on him, and a swimmer from the

Naval Prefecture

also came to help with the rescue," said "Clarín."

"Special Risk agents from

the Buenos Aires Police also intervened,

who went to the scene of the accident and rappelled him to be able to put him on a stretcher and lift him to the place where he had fallen. An ambulance from

the Emergency Service

completed the task: he They were urgently taken to the

Hospital Interzonal de Agudos,

but he died at 9:48 p.m. due to the seriousness of the injuries: head trauma and several fractures in the body.

Flórez Estrada had arrived in Argentina from


and only spent a day and a half in Mar del Plata, a city where he arrived with high expectations, according to a story that went up on his social networks: "Preparing the second part of the best trip of my life."

"He had a brother and two sisters. He had no children and worked as an operator in a company that trimmed trees,"

Infobae said.

"He was in an open relationship with a Paraguayan woman, who had not accompanied him on his trip through the region. He was a friend of

Celia Duré,

another Paraguayan citizen who had moved to the Spanish capital more than 15 years ago. Since then they had maintained a relationship close bond. She was the one who convinced him to go on his first tour of

South America."

In Paraguay, Duré introduced him to two friends,

Ulises Segovia


Alejandro Fernández,

who accompanied him on trips through the interior of the country.

"He was a happy guy, crazy like himself, fun, adventurous. A very good person who got along with everyone,

made friends everywhere,"

said Alejandro Fernández.

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