Between 06:57 and 07:53 a total of five alarms regarding traffic accidents came in to rescue services around the county.

It seems to be due to the fact that the road conditions are quite slippery in various places in the county, including in Svalsta in Nyköping municipality.

- It's incredibly slippery there, says an emergency operator at the rescue service.

These are the accidents that happened on Tuesday morning:

• Highway 53 in the municipality of Flen, passenger car that slid into the ditch.

The person got out of the car himself and was checked by paramedics.

• Road 55 in the municipality of Katrineholm, passenger car that got skidded and skidded into the center rail and lost its load.

No injuries, but according to the Swedish Transport Administration, the majority of major damage to the asphalt.

• Germundsgatan/Thermaeniusgatan in Torshälla, Eskilstuna municipality.

Two passenger cars collided, according to the emergency services a serious collision.

One person complained of neck pain.

• Road 566 in the municipality of Vingåker, passenger car that ran into a tree.

One person was injured but is awake and talking.

• Road 800 in Nyköping municipality, passenger car that ran off the road.

One person affected, complained of back pain.

The emergency services warn of slipping on the spot.

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