Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, who was notified of the prosecution's summons over suspicions of corruption in the development of Daejang-dong and Wirye New Town, said he would be investigated again this time.

He said he would go on the morning of the 28th of this month, not on the 27th as the prosecution said.

Reporter Jang Min-seong is on the sidewalk.


Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong, who had been silent for two days when asked if he would respond to the second summons.

After his visit to the market, he made his position on the prosecution's subpoena.

After announcing his intention to attend, he said, "I'm not doing anything wrong, but I was asked to come, so I'll go."

[Lee Jae-myung/Representative of the Democratic Party: In this situation where there are countless pending issues, I have to work during the week, so I will attend on Saturday the 28th, not the 27th.]

Also, unlike the first appearance with 40 lawmakers, this time He said he would only go with his attorney.

Although we accepted the request of the screaming group that the party and the individual should be separated and responded, there was no change in the position that defined the prosecution investigation as manipulation.

[Lee Jae-myung/Democratic Party representative: Some political prosecutors who abuse their powers for private gain while covering up crimes they are making as well as non-existent crimes, the people are watching and history will evaluate them.]

'Pro-Lee Jae-myung-gye' lawmakers will be dragged out every time for each case. There was a strong atmosphere to discourage attendance because they could not.

Within the party, Lee's announcement of his intention to attend the prosecution following the disclosure of his statement related to the Seongnam FC case on social media last night (17th) was interpreted as a willingness to break through the so-called judicial risk on his own.

The ruling party set the day to faithfully cooperate with the investigation.

[Jeong Jin-seok/People's Power Emergency Response Committee: Isn't there one or two charges?

Isn't there even talk of moving the Democratic Party's representative office to the prosecutor's office?]

There are observations that the prosecution can request an arrest warrant in connection with the Seongnam FC case after completing the Daejang-dong investigation, but the possibility of an arrest motion being passed is slim.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, video editing: Won-yang Won)