The Civil Guard has arrested a man in Telde (Gran Canaria) after

threatening to kill his partner in the street and later barricading himself in his home armed with a machete

, as reported by the General Directorate of the body.

The intervention began when the victim went to the Agüimes barracks to report that her partner had threatened her with a katana in the street, while she was accompanied by several people.

According to the Civil Guard, the detainee threatened her with death out loud and even

published a photo of her on social networks offering 4,000 euros to whoever told him where she was


The situation led the agents to activate the protocol for the protection of victims of gender violence for cases of extreme risk and the complainant was left in police custody.

The civil guards began the search for his partner and located him hours later inside a family home, entrenched with a large machete.

The arrested man, who threatened the agents,

was in a state of aggressiveness and hostility,

the Armed Institute said in a statement.

For this reason, the negotiating team of the Las Palmas Command was activated, as well as the Citizen Security patrols.

Finally, after two hours of negotiation, the entrenched man turned himself in to the agents and was arrested.

After passing at the disposal of the Court of Violence against Women number 2 of Telde, he has entered preventive detention


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