On December 15, the trial against the man ended, and the verdict will come on January 5.

According to the indictment, the man killed his partner through extensive violence, which, among other things, caused the brain damage that led to her death.

- Mother was happy and with great positive energy that touched many people.

Above all, her sense of humor was incredible.

We have had many laughs throughout our lives and it was heard everywhere when she laughed, says Nathalie when she remembers her mother.

Concealed abuse

According to Nathalie, there have been several things that indicate that the mother was subjected to abuse in the home.

- The first time I was shocked was when I saw a picture and my mother claimed that she had fallen with the bicycle, with that we saw at once that this is not a bicycle injury.

Then there were more and more things like that, she had fallen down a slope.

She denied almost to the last.

Then when she finally told it like it was, it was incredibly difficult as a family member to know what to do.

Where do you call?

There is no clarity, says Nathalie.

Society's responsibility

Many knew that Nathalie's mother was abused at home.

Her situation was known by neighbors, friends, work colleagues – and by the police.

Yet her death could not be prevented.

Nathalie and her siblings offered her mother help, but she wanted to fend for herself.

- Maybe she was afraid that we would suffer from the violence.

There must be a proper safety net that makes people dare to leave a violent relationship.

I think society has an obligation to intervene and offer people like my mother security, says Nathalie.

The suspect will be sentenced on Thursday, January 5.

He denies murder.

Hear in the clip when Nathalie talks about the time after her mother's death, and what she wishes society would do about intimate partner violence.