Launching a center specializing in the treatment of short stature in Dubai

“Tadawy” Hospital seeks to attract the most skilled medical personnel in various specialties.

From the source

Tadawy Hospital in Dubai announced the launch of a specialized center in the field of orthopedic surgery, treatment of short stature, and treatment of bone deformities in children and adults.

The hospital management reported that Dr. Abdul Hadi Al-Amoudi, a consultant orthopedic surgeon, joined the “Tadawy” team in Dubai. He is one of the most prominent doctors specializing in orthopedic and joint surgery in the region, and has a great record in performing rare and complex operations.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Group, Marwan Haji Nasser, said that Dr. Abdul Hadi Al-Amoudi's joining the hospital team comes as part of the strategy to attract the most skilled medical cadres in various specialties, to serve citizens and residents on the land of the country, in addition to contributing to the revitalization of medical tourism in the Emirate of Dubai.

Al-Amoudi performed more than 600 surgeries, including rare surgeries, during the last three years in the areas of fractures and congenital anomalies in adults and children, during which he restored the normal life of a large number of patients suffering from the effects of congenital deformities in their bone structure.

He is also considered one of the most important doctors specializing in the treatment of short stature and its lengthening, as he treated more than 60 cases.

He also performed a rare operation to treat hip dislocation in children using modern techniques, and succeeded in performing a surgery on a child, which saved him from limb amputation.

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