Internet medical care facilitates "cloud medical treatment"

  "I have a fever above 38.5 degrees Celsius on the fourth day, should I go to the hospital to have a look?" "Which antipyretic medicine for pregnant women is safer?" "The child's mental state is not very good after the fever subsides. How to deal with it?" "The elderly at home need long-term medication. Is there a more convenient way to go to and from the hospital to dispense and get medicine?"...During this period, with the optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures and the promulgation of new regulations on Internet medical services, multiple Internet medical platforms The number of consultations and consultations related to the new crown continues to increase.

  The reporter learned that in the face of new situations and new tasks in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, many places have given full play to the role of Internet medical platforms, innovated methods and methods, and actively provided patients with services such as prescribing treatment, delivering medicine to their door, psychological counseling, and medication guidance, so as to facilitate the masses For medical treatment, take the opportunity of promoting the development of Internet medical services to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of Internet medical services.

  Solving medical problems for the masses

  "If I don't go these days, my medicine will be gone." Aunt Shen, a citizen of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is a little anxious, because she is a patient with high blood pressure. In the recent wave of epidemics, her family is afraid that she will be weak and contract the virus, so she is planning to go out for consultation. Aunt Shen stopped her.

The daughter on the side took out her mobile phone, clicked on the WeChat official account of "Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine", asked her to try "Internet Hospital", and entered "Internet Hospital" from the menu bar to prescribe online follow-up consultations.

In less than 10 minutes, Aunt Shen completed the registration, prescription, and payment on her mobile phone. She only needs to wait at home for the medicine to be delivered to her door, saving her time in queuing up and picking up the medicine.

  Like Aunt Shen, patients can realize "seeing a doctor at home" as long as they choose the official WeChat service account or subscription account of "Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine".

In the past month, there has been a large number of follow-up consultations in the departments of respiratory and pediatrics, and the demand for antiviral traditional Chinese medicine preparations and antipyretic drugs is the highest.

  Internet medical services are being carried out extensively across the country.

On January 12, the Internet Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was officially launched.

Its characteristic is that it organically combines informatization with traditional Chinese medicine, breaks the space-time distance of traditional medical services, meets the needs of the masses for home diagnosis and treatment, and purchases medicines after seeing a doctor under the new situation, and realizes further upgrading of diagnosis and treatment services, further expansion of service connotation, and further improvement of convenience for the people.

Move your fingers and see experts without leaving home, so that "information travels more, patients run less errands", and effectively improves patients' experience in seeking medical treatment.

  In Beijing, all major tertiary hospitals have opened Internet diagnosis and treatment services.

On November 10, 2022, Peking University Cancer Hospital released a dynamic information introduction and officially launched the free consultation service for newly diagnosed patients on the "Beizhongyun Medical Records" APP; on December 8, 2022, the Capital Institute of Pediatrics launched the "New Crown Consultation" online service, Realize the expansion of medical resources and provide convenience for children at home; on December 11, 2022, Peking University People's Hospital stated that a total of 30 departments have already visited the Internet hospital, and Internet diagnosis and treatment services are open on weekdays, weekends, and holidays; in 2022 On December 12, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital opened the "New Crown Infection Online Consultation" service; on December 14, 2022, the Third Hospital of Peking University stated that the Internet Hospital of the Third Hospital of Peking University (APP of the Third Hospital of Peking University) now offers a "Fever Diagnosis and Treatment Column" ", support the prescription of medicine for the first diagnosis...

  In Shanghai, taking advantage of noon, Jin Lei, a prescription pharmacist in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy of Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, took out his mobile phone to process unreviewed prescriptions from Internet hospitals.

At present, the daily outpatient volume of Xinhua Hospital Internet Hospital has reached 6 times that before this round of epidemic. A total of more than 700 doctors have registered on the Internet Hospital, covering all departments. The doctor is online.

  According to Jiao Yahui, director of the Department of Medical Affairs of the National Health and Medical Commission, in December 2022, the Medical Treatment Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued a notice requiring all medical institutions to provide Internet medical services, in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment plan, and the guidelines for home treatment. patients provide Internet diagnosis and treatment services, issue prescriptions, and deliver drugs offline.

  "Through Internet medical treatment, according to the diagnosis and treatment plan and home treatment guidelines, corresponding prescriptions are issued for patients with symptoms of new crowns, and corresponding drugs are provided through offline third-party distribution. At the same time, we also require medical institutions to provide 24 hours online consultation and medication Guidance, as well as time-scheduled appointment services. In this way, the instantaneous peak of medical institutions' visits can be reduced, the gathering of people can be reduced, and the risk of cross-infection when patients go to the hospital is reduced." Jiao Yahui said.

"For non-emergency cases, time-segmented appointments are promoted. Through such appointments, the peak flow of people who go to the hospital at the same time is reduced and reduced, diverting patients, and reducing the risk of cross-infection. Through accurate time-segmented appointments, the waiting time in the hospital is shortened. time."

  Actual moves all over the country

  After the National Health and Medical Commission issued a notice, various localities introduced measures tailored to local conditions according to their actual conditions.

From payment methods to hospital participation methods, from technical means to publicity and popularization, it effectively attracts the participation of the general public.

  On January 8, the Fujian Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau issued a new coronavirus infection Internet medical service fee policy, including the new coronavirus infection Internet first-diagnosis service into the scope of medical insurance payment, and continued to optimize the "Internet +" medical service medical insurance payment to provide convenience for patients with medical insurance .

According to the new policy, patients who have symptoms related to new coronavirus infection and meet the "Guidelines for Home Treatment of Patients Infected with New Coronavirus" will have their first consultation at the Internet Hospital of the province's public medical institution and issue a prescription for relevant symptoms online. The first consultation fee will be included in the medical insurance payment. There is no personal upfront self-payment ratio.

At the same time, online prescriptions and pharmacy services for COVID-19 infection implement the same online and offline medical insurance payment policy, effectively guaranteeing patients’ need for contact-free medical treatment, and promoting the reasonable diversion of patients infected with COVID-19 online and offline in medical institutions.

  As the mobile terminal of the general portal of Shanghai's "One Netcom Office", the "Suibid Citizen Cloud" APP is making every effort to create a new medical service system in the city. It has now connected to 25 hospitals and 6 districts, and launched "Internet Hospital" application services to citizens, medical insurance With self-funded follow-up patients and their family members, experience online follow-up visits, doctors can issue prescriptions, report inquiries, patients can pay for medicines online, medicines can be picked up or delivered to their homes, and many other medical services.

  Up to now, all the top three hospitals in Guangdong Province have set up Internet hospitals to provide online and offline integrated health care services for residents of the province.

Figures show that from December 12 to 31, 2022, Internet hospitals in Guangdong Province served a total of 1,246,800 person-times, with an average daily service of 62,400 person-times.

If calculated based on the outpatient and emergency volume of 10,000 person-times per day in a hospital, it is equivalent to the addition of six large and medium-sized hospitals, effectively relieving the pressure on hospital outpatients and reducing the risk of cross-infection in medical treatment.

  Recently, the Anhui Provincial Medical Security Bureau, the Department of Finance, and the Health and Health Commission jointly issued the "Notice on Optimizing the Medical Insurance Related Policies for the Treatment Expenses of Patients with Novel Coronavirus Infection after the Implementation of the "Class B and B Controls"". Policies related to cost medical insurance will be optimized and adjusted, and will be implemented from the date of implementation of the "Class B and B Control" for the new coronavirus infection, and will be implemented until March 31, 2023.

The "Notice" requires that all inpatient medical expenses be included in comprehensive insurance, and the scope of designated hospitals for treatment is expanded to include all receiving hospitals.

  Relying on the Hunan Provincial Resident Health Card Platform, Hunan Province has opened an "Internet Hospital" entrance. At present, 70 hospitals have settled in. The public can obtain new crown health consultation, medical guidance, appointment diagnosis and treatment, online prescription, drug delivery and other online services with one click. medical service.

Click on the "Hunan Provincial Resident Health Card" WeChat official account, and you can find the "Internet Hospital Special Area" in the hot service.

This special area is the unified entrance of Internet hospitals in Hunan Province. It centrally integrates and releases information on Internet hospitals and Internet diagnosis and treatment platforms that have been verified and confirmed in the province, and provides Internet medical services for the people in the province.

At present, it has entered the Internet hospitals of 70 hospitals including Xiangya Hospital of Central South University and Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, and the list will continue to be updated.

  In order to meet the medical service needs of the people after the new crown virus infection "Class B and B management", the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission took the lead in developing and launching the "Healthy Longjiang New Crown Medical Service" mini-program, which brings together Internet hospitals, Internet fever clinics, online pharmacies, etc. Online medical and health service resources, connected with offline medical institutions and retail pharmacies, supported by medical staff, provide convenient and fast health management guidance and medical services for patients with new crowns.

  Improving the quality and efficiency of Internet medical care

  Internet medical care includes not only the "connection" of physical hospitals, but also the active participation of many online medical platforms and medical companies. It is a multi-pronged approach to improve quality and efficiency.

  Some places have well integrated Internet medical resources.

  For example, Guangdong has accelerated the construction of a demonstration province of "Internet + medical and health" in recent years, vigorously developed Internet medical care, and supported qualified hospitals to build Internet hospitals.

As of January 4, 2023, 160 Internet hospitals have entered the "Yuejiantong" WeChat mini-program Internet hospital service platform, covering general hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine, maternity and children, stomatology, skin, ophthalmology, tumors, occupational health, etc. Hospital.

After logging in the "Yuejiantong" WeChat applet, click to select the corresponding Internet hospital, and then you can obtain services such as health consultation, medical treatment and dispensing provided by Internet hospital experts.

  The addition of a large number of online medical platforms has also provided timely help to patients.

Many doctors use these platforms to interact with patients in real time.

  "Currently, the enthusiasm of physical hospitals to 'connect to the Internet' has greatly increased, and Internet hospitals have changed from 'optional' to 'required'." The relevant person in charge of WeDoctor Group said that as users' online diagnosis and treatment habits continue to increase , Doctors' willingness to participate in online diagnosis and treatment services has increased significantly.

Relevant surveys show that 83% of doctors are willing to try online diagnosis and treatment services; compared with before the epidemic, the frequency and time investment of doctors participating in online consultation, patient science popularization, follow-up prescription refills and other services have increased significantly.

  On December 15, 2022, Taikang Online "Online Fever Clinic" was launched, and Taikang Hainan Internet Hospital provided medical services. As of December 31, 2022, it has served more than 8,000 person-times, helping to alleviate the shortage of offline medical resources and help It has played an active role in timely medical treatment for patients with mild symptoms related to the new crown.

All customers of Taikang Online's "three terminals and one micro" can enjoy telemedicine consultation and dispensing needs without leaving home.

Among them, the online consultation promises 24/7 service and responds to consultation needs at any time.

In addition, the online consultation has also expanded the medical consultation services of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and other departments to meet the medical needs of customers with multiple diseases. medicine.

  On January 6, the "Shaanjian Medical Group Online Consultation Service Information Platform for COVID-19 Prevention and Control" was launched.

It is understood that the platform is jointly built by Shanjian Medical Group and Youxiang Health. As a state-owned medical group enterprise, Shanjian Medical Group integrates the resources of respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, and pediatricians in 66 state-owned medical institutions under it, and uses "Internet + "Medical" thinking, simplifies the consultation process, allows medical consultation services to break through time and geographical limitations, solves the problems of difficult registration and inconvenient communication with doctors for patients with new crowns during special periods, comprehensively improves patients' medical consultation experience, and makes medical services within reach. and.

According to reports, at present, the consulting platform has opened three departments of respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, and pediatrics, and more than 100 doctors and experts have settled in the consulting platform.

The consultation platform provides consultation and consultation services in three ways: voice, text, and video for patients who are inconvenient to go out.

  On January 11, the first mental health service "Good Mood Health" mini-program of "Qiangguo Doctor" was launched, providing a variety of mental health services such as mental health assessment, online consultation, and quick questioning. Real-time online consultation and consultation for psychological problems .

"Good Mood Health" is a digital service platform for mental health care and health. At present, there are more than 50,000 registered doctors, including more than 40,000 clinical psychiatrists. Through intelligent, digital and professional clinical technology, it provides online and online Under Mental Health Services.

In Qiangguo Doctor's "Good Mood and Health" applet, the "Home Page" has functions such as online consultation, prescription for follow-up visits, scale assessment, and quick questioning.

  Taking the opportunity of promoting the development of Internet medical services, many localities have innovated models, deepened and extended online services, further facilitated patients to seek medical treatment online, and effectively improved the quality and efficiency of Internet medical services.

  According to Tu Zhitao, a member of the Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission, at present, Beijing can carry out the first diagnosis of new crown symptoms on the Internet and provide support for prices and medical insurance policies. Public medical institutions can provide online first diagnosis services for new crown-related symptoms, and implement them in accordance with the offline medical service fee price policy. , Included in the scope of basic medical insurance payment, consistent with offline reimbursement standards.

Beijing is also actively promoting the online payment function of medical insurance, realizing full off-card settlement, and providing more convenient services for insured persons.

  Xu Weiwei, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, introduced that for the convenience of patients, the Zhejiang medical insurance department has recently launched a new medical treatment model of "online medical treatment for patients, offline delivery of drugs, and online payment for medical insurance" to expand the scope of hospitals and pharmacies that can be reimbursed for online medical treatment and dispensing , priority will be given to the treatment of fever, cough and other medical expenses, as well as the treatment expenses of 12 chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, into the direct settlement of "Internet + medical insurance".