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In Korea, when it comes to the day of the college entrance exam, a cold wave is common.

However, in Japan, every year on the day of the exam, 'moldering' is a headache.

That's why they even started this campaign.

A woman in yellow is holding a placard on the street and calling for anti-molder prevention.

In the subway, the police handed out flyers on how to deal with sexual harassment and what citizens who witnessed it could do.

There is a reason.

In Japan, it is said that there are posts encouraging molesters online every year around the time of the college entrance exam.

Even if you are sexually harassed on the day of the exam, you do not report it to the police because you are afraid that the test takers will be late, so even if you are sexually harassed, you will not be caught?

It's something like this.

How can you exploit the situation of students who are about to take exams like this?

The police will have to crack down on it.

(Screen source: Twitter @benijyake002, @toeikotsu, @_shaki_shaki_, @machi624, Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation website)