China News Service, January 13 (Xinhua) Comprehensive foreign media reports, recently, Biden was revealed to have found confidential documents during his tenure as the Vice President of the United States in his former private office and residential garage.

In this regard, Snowden, a former US defense contractor employee, subsequently posted a satirical post on social media.

  Snowden released a screenshot of a U.S. media report, which said that confidential documents from Biden's time as vice president were found in the storage space of Biden's residential garage in Wilmington.

Snowden also wrote, "Wow, even I can handle classified documents more securely. At least I encrypt them!"

Data map: Snowden delivered a video speech.

  In June 2013, Snowden exposed the US National Security Agency's secret intelligence monitoring projects through the media, including the monitoring project code-named "Prism Project" mainly targeting overseas targets.

Snowden was later wanted by the U.S. government on charges of espionage, theft and unauthorized disclosure of national defense and intelligence information.

  In 2016, Snowden arrived in Russia for political asylum, and has since been granted temporary and permanent residency in Russia.

On September 26, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order granting Snowden Russian citizenship.