• Fayna Bethencourt After the mistreatment of El Yoyas: "He told me: 'Baby, there is a monster inside me and only you can stop it'"

  • Controversies Violence, insults, shouting... This is how Carlos Navarro went on to become the Yoyas

  • Chronicle Appointment in a forest with El Yoyas, the abuser on the run: "For a time my psychologist was whiskey"

Weeks go by and the situation of

Carlos Navarro

el Yoyas

(46) is worsening.

As a result of his

escape from justice

when he should have

entered prison

on November 14 after being sentenced to five years and eight months for seven crimes of domestic violence, the former

Big Brother

contestant is in search and capture.

The last twist to his bizarre situation has been

the revelation of some audios

that demonstrate his violent attitude.

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Violence, insults, shouting... This is how Carlos Navarro went on to become the Yoyas


Violence, insults, shouting... This is how Carlos Navarro went on to become the Yoyas

It has been the journalist specialized in events

Nacho Abad

who has shown them in the

Cuatro program

En boca de todos .

When they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, this time it is the other way around.

Yoyas has darts for everyone.

He told

his 10-year-old daughter that "because your father is a real person, a lawful person, an honest person, a legal person. A person who respects the woman next to him, even if

he has taken her at some time of the fucking neck"

and in another he comments that "Or is it that your mother doesn't know me? Hasn't your mother seen me take the stick out for a walk or what


do I bust everyone

's head , my daughter?

In 2001, Carlos and Fayna Bethencourt (44) became famous for the Telecinco reality show and

a toxic love arose based

on what the protagonists were telling, especially the Canary Islander, who for a good part of her life

lived in a movie terror.

The couple have had

two children.

After several high-voltage altercations, the couple's last public appearance dates from 2014 in

What a happy time!

The former contestant

managed to rebuild her life

in Gran Canaria, she has a new partner and works as

a real estate agent

behind the scenes at the hairdresser she had because of the crisis.

His partner has also been the object of Carlos's anger in the audios: "I have hit three or four guys at the same time. That is, I alone against four shitheads. Now he [Fayna's partner] can come with his friends, I'm going to bust their heads open. I'll

slit them from top to bottom,

my daughter, I'll slit them. Oh your father. You

don't know who your father is,

my daughter. Your father has come out of the fucking jungle (.. .) I blow up the biker,

I kill him with my bare hands".

Carlos does not forget his ex-mother-in-law, to whom he justifies his way of being: "If I have grabbed your daughter by the neck a couple of times it has been because she deserved it,

the disgusting one, and I have rarely caught her.

I With your daughter I could have made a couple of mistakes. I have had very bad times in my life, very bad.

Your daughter has not been able to understand me".


Fayna is scared


She asks for her help because "her torturer is still on the street" since she fled two months ago.

Through his social networks he has written that "he is still delighted with life because he feels that he is beating them.

That he is beating us all"

and he also wants to highlight that if Carlos "manages to remain hidden until March 2027, he will be able to get out of his hole

with his prescribed offenses

and will be free to take a plane to anywhere if he pleases".

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