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The commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, General Hosein Salami, has warned the French magazine

Charlie Hebdo

to remember what happened to the writer Salman Rushdie, who was attacked more than 30 years after the publication of a novel

in the one who "insulted Islam"


"I advise the French and directors of

Charlie Hebdo magazine

to look at what happened to Salman Rushdie

," Salami said during a ceremony, according to the semi-official Mehr agency on Wednesday.

The British writer of Indian origin was stabbed to death in one eye in New York in August 2021 for having "attacked Islam" in his novel

The Satanic Verses

, published in 1989.

Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for the assassination of Rushdie in 1989 and anyone involved in the book's publication, forcing the writer to spend years in hiding.

Iran's government has

denied all responsibility for the attack

on Rushdie in August, blaming the writer for the attack "for insulting Muslims" with his novel.

"After many years,

a young Muslim man bravely took revenge on Salman Rushdie

and no one could save him," Salami said, referring to the man who attacked the writer with a knife during a conference in New York.

"Don't play with the Muslims," ​​warned the soldier.

Charlie Hebdo

called on December 8

a cartoon contest of the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei

, to "support" "Iranians who fight for their freedom", in reference to the protests that have shaken the country since September, after the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini, for wearing the Islamic headscarf incorrectly.

Tehran condemned the contest, saying it "does not accept insults against its Islamic, religious and national values ​​in any way."

As a first response to the contest, Iran closed the French Research Institute in Iran on the 5th, in reaction to the "silence" in Paris about the cartoon contest.

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