The Apple Airpods wireless headphone is easy to use, as it can be paired with any iPhone in the surrounding range once the charging case is opened, and the connection is displayed on the smartphone screen, and once the user accepts it, he starts listening to music Immediately.

But when the user takes a closer look at the settings menu of the AirPods wireless headphone, they can discover some interesting functions, including:

Joint listening of music

This function makes it possible to listen to the same music songs with another person, so that each person depends on his own headphone, and this function is limited to the wireless headphones AirPods with Beats headphones.

To turn this function on, the user has to tap the Airplay button in the control center of the iPhone or iPad, on the lock screen, or in the music playback app.

After that, the "Audio Sharing" item is selected, and the other person's AirPods wireless headphone charging case is opened near the mobile device, and the Airpods Max wireless headphone must be held near the device, but Beats headphones must be turned on in pairing mode near the device, and as soon as the respective headset is displayed on the screen, click on the "share audio" button, and that's it.

In the next step, the volume level of the two connected headphones is set individually, and the adjustment process can be done as usual via the volume controls on the lock screen or in the control center, and the sharing process is completed by clicking on the check mark to the right of the control function at the volume intensity of the respective headphone.

The user can activate or disable the automatic switching function for each device separately (Reuters)

Automatic switching of devices

This function works when all devices connected to the wireless headset are signed in with the same Apple-ID, such as Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook ) and Apple TV, with two-factor authentication enabled.

In this case, the music playback will take place smoothly, if the user pauses the music on the iPhone smartphone, then plays other music on the Apple Watch smart watch, or pauses the music playback on the iPad tablet in order to answer a phone call received on the smartphone. Iphone.

Mac computers are also integrated into this system;

A confirmation box may appear on the screen from time to time.

The user can enable or disable the automatic switching function for each device separately in the settings of the Bluetooth technology or the respective AirPods wireless headset under “Other information” or “Options”.

There is an “Automatic” button in the communications options on the iPhone, iPad or Mac smartphone, and on Apple TV this mode is known as “Suggest AirPods in close range.”