Following the suspension of short-term visas for South Korea and Japan, China also suspended visa waivers for Koreans and Japanese nationals transiting through China.

The Chinese Immigration Administration said today (12th) that it has introduced these measures as a small number of countries have recently implemented discriminatory entry restrictions against Chinese nationals.

China allows transit passengers to stay without a visa at designated places such as Chinese airports for 72 to 144 hours, but Korean and Japanese nationals will not be given such benefits.

The Immigration Bureau also announced that it would suspend the issuance of 'visas on arrival (visas issued upon arrival in the country)' to Korean and Japanese nationals.

The measure will take effect immediately today, the Immigration Office said.

The previous day, the Chinese government announced that it would suspend the issuance of short-term visas to Korean nationals and 'general visas' to Japanese nationals in response to strengthened quarantine measures for entrants from China by Korea and Japan.