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At least two of the Spanish women who left to do the jihad held in the camp for

Al Roj

prisoners in Syria, Yolanda Martínez and

Luna Fernández

, arrived this Monday at eleven o'clock at night at the

Torrejón de Ardoz

military airport , according to sources close to her family, who traveled to the aerodrome but were not allowed to see the Spanish women.

Both were in charge of nine children between the ages of 3 and 15.

The women would have passed at the disposal of the judges of the

National Court


In this way, the repatriation announcement made by the Government on November 22 is fulfilled.

Yolanda Martínez and Luna Fernández Grande, as well as their children, have remained in Syrian camps for jihadist relatives since at least 2020. Their husbands were part of and were active leaders of the

Al Andalus cell

and marched to join the ranks of

the Islamic State

in Syria before being arrested, as were their colleagues.

Luna's husband died in the fighting in Syria and Yolanda's remains alive in prison.

In addition to Luna and Yolanda, there is another Spanish woman,

Lubna Miludi

, a teacher from


with two children, who was in the

Al Hol

camp and who was also waiting for her repatriation.

As well as

Lubna Fares

, a Moroccan whose husband had Spanish nationality.

Both Yolanda Martínez and Luna Fernández have expressed their desire to return to Spain on several occasions after the fall of the Islamic State in Syria.

"We cannot be punished for having taken care of our home and our children," they stated on one of the occasions.

"Even our husbands were deceived," they

stated in another.

The judges of the National Court will now have to determine their fate, although the Spanish women who left to do jihad in Syria and have returned have been imprisoned for being considered jihadists.

Yolanda and Luna's parents have expressed their intention to stay with the children if that happens.

"I am happy, my children and my grandchildren are worth everything," Yolanda Martínez's father recently assured EL MUNDO upon learning of the return of her daughter and her grandchildren.

"I am very happy. At least they are here, they are not suffering as they have done in those conditions and in that country," he added.

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