• National Assembly Dinorah Figuera, a social leader against the current

  • Maduro Chavismo orders the arrest of the president and the two vice presidents of the Assembly

Chavismo's total offensive against the three opposition legislators in exile who have led the legitimate National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela since last week.

Nicolás Maduro, through his Public Ministry, has demanded that Spain capture

Dinorah Figuera

, president of the AN, and

Auristela Vásquez

, second vice president, both exiled in Spain after fleeing the revolution.

Figuera is currently in Valencia, while Vásquez has recently moved from Madrid to a town in Toledo.

The same request has been sent to the United States, where the first vice president,

Marianela Fernández

, resides .


Tarek William Saab

confirmed this morning in Caracas that in addition to the arrest warrants, Chavismo has requested an international red alert, as well as measures to seize and secure assets, block and freeze accounts.

"We'll see what they do," Saab wondered about the two countries, knowing he has no choice in the United States.

Spain, on the other hand, has just appointed an ambassador in Caracas as part of the process of rapprochement with Maduro that began in the period of

Arancha González Laya

at the head of Foreign Affairs.

For their part, sources from the Ministry of the Interior claimed

to have no record of this request


Caracas has repeatedly failed in its attempts to extradite opposition leader

Leopoldo López

, although it scored a partial victory when both the Spanish government and judges last year allowed the extradition of Venezuelan opposition leader

Ernesto Quintero

, falsely accused of a financial scandal.

"How is it possible that in 2023 some illegal subjects proclaimed themselves as a parliamentary commission to supposedly monitor the country's assets abroad?" asked Saab, who accused Washington, without evidence, of handing over 2.7 billion dollars to the interim government led by

Juan Guaidó


The Public Ministry has extended its arrest warrant to the secretary of the AN,

José Figueredo

, and the undersecretary,

Luis Alberto Bustos


The legitimate AN of 2015 remains active in the face of the electoral fraud perpetrated by Chavismo in 2020, which imposed a legislative body at the service of Maduro, made up of 256 revolutionary delegates and 21 collaborationist opponents.

Spain at the moment

does not recognize

Maduro, who also benefited from the 2018 electoral fraud, or this Bolivarian body.

In his first press conference, Figuera announced the creation of a

Citizen Council

to "dispartisanize" blocked assets and to guarantee a transparent process.

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