Jenny Herbert is driven by the Prison and Probation Service to the closed department Margretelund in Falköping on May 10, 2022. She has not been convicted of a crime but must be protected from herself.

When she arrives, she is heavily drugged and the resident calls an ambulance.

This is not Jenny's first suicide attempt.

- I stopped counting them at 14, but it was probably closer to 20, says Jenny's mother Anita Herbert.

Jenny is forcibly cared for at the Sis home to be protected from herself and a destructive life.

On May 12, she is back in the ward again after a day in hospital.

On May 16, a psychologist at the residence assesses Jenny's suicide risk as medium.

Expelled from school

After an escape attempt at the beginning of June, Jenny is suspended from the school, which is 70 meters from the accommodation.

- When I asked Jenny what she did during the day, she replied "We smoke, eat and hang out".

It is not something that strengthens the young people, says Jenny's mother Anita Herbert in Si's internal investigation into the suicide.

On June 16, Jenny turns 17.

That same evening, she allegedly received drugs from someone outside.

- It is not unusual for this to happen, unfortunately, says the accommodation's acting head of department Margareta Jonsson.

The day after her birthday, Jenny is found lifeless in a toilet.

She has killed herself with the help of furnishings in the residence.

The Inspectorate for Care and Care, Ivo, criticizes the accommodation for failing to supervise Jenny.

Fault in the routines – not the staff

Margareta Jonsson says that no staff made a mistake but that it was the routines that broke down.

They would also have given Jenny extra supervision.

- We can ask ourselves whether we have made the right assessment here.

Since the incident, the accommodation has worked intensively on changing its routines: among other things, an overhaul of the premises and adapted furnishings so that no loose objects can be found.

In the clip above: This is what Jenny Herbert's last day in life looked like.

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Margareta Jonsson is acting head of department at SiS Margretelund.

She assesses after the investigations that no personnel made a mistake, but that it was the routines that broke down.

Photo: Sofia Netskar/SVT