An electronic application that allows individuals to report "corruption violations" in Abu Dhabi "before and after committing them"

The Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority launched its smart application, "ADAA Smart", which provides a number of features, the most prominent of which is the "Wajib Platform", and allows all members of society to report any financial or administrative corruption violations that may befall public funds and resources, not only to investigate them, but also to prevent their occurrence as well. This encourages a sense of joint responsibility and control culture in preserving public resources in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The agency stated that it is constantly working to innovate and develop digital platforms in accordance with the highest standards in service quality and information security, which rely on artificial intelligence techniques and the safe use of data by maintaining the strict confidentiality of users, with the aim of promoting a culture of accountability and raising levels of transparency and integrity, both at the level of individuals. Or at the level of government agencies and companies to enhance the reputation of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and confidence in its financial and economic system.

He pointed out that the "ADAA Smart" application, which is available on Google Play and the Apple Store, can be downloaded to enable all segments of society to access the device's platforms and initiatives with ease.

Such as the Wajib platform, the auditors platform, and the disclosure of financial receivables platform. In addition, those wishing to join the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority can complete the employment application form through the platform and upload the required documents with ease.

ADAA emphasized that the digital transformation process reflects the vision and constant pursuit of optimal utilization of public resources, as the launch of the ADAA SMART application comes in line with the main axes of the Abu Dhabi Digital Agenda, represented in government services and how to benefit from digital channels, as well as digital government solutions, in addition to benefiting from systems Artificial intelligence and big data.

The authority called on all employees of the Abu Dhabi government and members of the community to download the application and review the initiatives and platforms of the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, which are part of its strategy in the optimal utilization of public resources and their sustainability.

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