China News Service, January 5th. According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network", some netizens on the island recently posted an article saying that looking back at 2022, Taiwan has not made progress but regressed. Examples include poor traffic and many scams, which have sparked discussions among netizens.

Most people are most interested in housing prices and commodity prices, and some people say that the power has been cut off at every turn this year, and they call it "sad enough".

  According to reports, a netizen on the island pointed out on the Taiwan Internet forum on the 4th that 2022 is over. Looking back on the past year, he believes that Taiwan has been regressing, including poor traffic, many scams, poor city tolerance, low wages, high inflation, and eating " "Lai Niu", "Lai Pig" and high housing prices.

He also asked netizens, "Is there anything else that makes people feel that the 'sense of regression' is very heavy."

  The exposure of the post sparked heated discussions among netizens. Most people agreed with rising prices and house prices. "House prices and high prices are high." The biggest problem" "Eggs are exaggeratedly expensive. Think about it, if you can't even keep the price of an egg, what else can you expect?"

  At the same time, some people in the message said, "It's really bad to have power outages every now and then", "Public security is getting worse and worse", "Traffic and fraud are increasing and getting worse, it's sad enough".