A bit of a strange gift.

Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, said on Wednesday that he sent Emmanuel Macron the piece of shrapnel that injured him in Ukraine.

According to him, this shrapnel was fired from a Caesar cannon supplied by France to kyiv.

Dmitry Rogozin, an ardent supporter of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, was injured in the back in December 2022 during a Ukrainian strike on a hotel in Donetsk, then under Russian control, which left several dead and injured.

According to him, the incident occurred at the time of a “work meeting”.

The Russian television Rossia 24 affirms for its part that the ex-boss of Roscosmos was celebrating at that time his 59th birthday in the restaurant of the hotel.

Dmitry #Rogozin sent the shrapnel recovered from his body and an angry letter to the #French ambassador.

It is alleged that he had been shot by a French Caesar howitzer.


— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) January 4, 2023

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“All our victims are on your conscience”

After the strike, Dmitry Rogozin was operated on in hospital because a piece of shell had lodged near his right shoulder blade.

The object was sent in a letter addressed to the French ambassador in Moscow.

“With my letter, you will see a fragment of a shell from a French 155 mm Caesar artillery piece,” the Russian explains in his letter.

"It punctured my right shoulder and lodged in the fifth cervical vertebra, only one millimeter apart and it could have killed me or disabled me," he added.

Contacted by AFP, the French Embassy in Moscow did not comment on this letter.

The shelling that injured Dmitri Rogozin also killed two of his friends.

“All of our victims are on your conscience,” the ex-boss of Roscosmos says in his letter.

“I ask you to hand over the fragment removed from my spine by the surgeons to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Tell him that no one will escape responsibility for war crimes.



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