Europe 1 09:17, January 05, 2023

Faced with a compendium of crises, social, energy, health, the philosopher and psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleury returned to the microphone of Europe 1 Thursday on the challenges they pose to our individual and collective lives.

Energy crisis, health crisis, war in Ukraine with a nuclear risk mentioned many times... The French are facing a long succession of shocks.

All these crises "are embedded with each other" and we experience since the Covid-19 pandemic "the emotional integration of what has been told to us for a very long time", analyzed the philosopher and psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleury at the microphone of Europe 1 Thursday.

"Now we live and we understand emotionally, in our bodies, in our lives, in a very ordinary way, through successions of breaking into reality that will have different faces, it can be power cuts, it's all about being , and we return like that to a trivialization of what we can call degraded modes”, she continued.

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How to live in a so-called "degraded" society?

Invited from Europe Morning on Thursday, the professor holding the "Humanities and Health" chair at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts backed up her point.

"What is it like to live in a society where hospital services are in degraded mode?"

she asks, indicating that the patients she has received sometimes speak of "hell" to evoke the situation in hospitals.

"No, it's not a hell, it's a story as old as the world. So, we see that there is a whole succession of break-ins that the physical body and the psychic body can no longer manage to digest. The positive aspect, it must be said, is that when everything is rocking, there are things that are stable."

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