The protests, which were sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of the morality police, have been ongoing since September.

Now, over 100 days later, clashes with the regime's security forces continue.

Several young people who took part in the demonstrations have been sentenced to death in criticized trials and the Iranian regime has carried out several executions.

There are many indications that state violence will escalate, says Rouzbeh Parsi, program director at the Foreign Policy Institute.

- Then the question is how the population reacts to it.

Will they budge or will it spur them on and lead to more people coming out and demonstrating?

Continued fight

This is not the first time the Iranian people have risen up against the regime.

The difference from previous times is that people from several walks of life participate in the demonstrations now, often led by young women.

In addition, the protests have gained a greater geographical spread.

The Iran experts SVT Nyheter has spoken to see no signs that the protests will subside.

- We will see a continued struggle and in the end I think we will see the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, says Arvin Khoshnood, Iran expert and researcher at Lund University.

What speaks for and against profound changes in Iran going forward - hear the experts' answers in the video above.