, Macau, January 4 (Reporter Li Yanan) At the beginning of the new year, MGM and Zhou Yi, a Chinese-style fondant craftsman who has won many international awards and has the reputation of "China's Sugar King", joined hands to present " Temple 'Sugar' Sculpture Art Exhibition".

According to reports, this special exhibition is Zhou Yi's first personal exhibition of fondant sculptures in his creative career. He adheres to the original intention of carrying forward Chinese traditional and intangible cultural heritage craft dough sculptures, and combines the western creative medium - fondant to create amazing sculptures. Country style doll.

Works by Zhou Yi, a Chinese-style fondant craftsman known as the "King of Sugar in China".

Photo courtesy of MGM

  This special exhibition created five three-dimensional fondant sculptures over two meters high, which interpreted the life stories and styles of "festive" and "etiquette" in Chinese culture in multiple dimensions. , historical figures and Lingnan customs such as "lion dance" and "teahouse culture", leading the audience to explore the charm of intangible cultural heritage.

The exhibition integrates food technology and crafts such as dough figurines, sugar art, fondant and art crafts such as painting, inkjet painting, shaping, sculpture, etc., and innovates to integrate life style and art across borders to create a new cultural and tourism experience.

  Co-Chairman and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited He Chaoqiong said in his speech that the "Dian'Sugar" Sculpture Art Exhibition starts with the sweetest of the five flavors, "sweet", and presents a feast of sweet life.

I am very happy that this exhibition can break the usual rules, interpret Chinese festivals, etiquette and folk life style with modern techniques and innovative media, inject the power of "national trend" into culture and art, let art and life cross-border integration, and revitalize Chinese tradition culture.

Works by Zhou Yi, a Chinese-style fondant craftsman known as the "King of Sugar in China".

Photo by Li Yanan

  Zhou Yi said that he very much hopes to continue to challenge and innovate through fondant cakes, which are popular with the public, to present Chinese cultural traditions in a new cultural and creative form, so that more people can understand Chinese elements and classic legends.

  The opening ceremony of the "Dian'sugar" Sculpture Art Exhibition was held simultaneously online and offline on the 4th, with a total of more than 1.7 million people watching and participating.

Officiating guests attending the opening ceremony included Bai Bing, Director of the Publicity and Culture Department of the Macao Liaison Office, Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao SAR Government Tourism Office, and Liang Huimin, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government.

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