Downloads of child pornography images were spotted in Béarn by computer lookouts who alerted the police.

A report that led to a search of the home of a 65-year-old man on Monday, where nearly 80,000 images were seized.

“There is a classification from 1 to 9 on the violence of this type of image, and we have part of it which falls under the maximum level”, explains to

20 Minutes

Rodolphe Jarry, the public prosecutor of Pau.

No particular dispute

Placed in police custody, he opted for a “position of recognition without particular challenge”, specifies the prosecutor.

He was released pending the delay of approximately three weeks, necessary for the exploitation of the data contained in the computer equipment seized.

From these results, the prosecutor believes that it will then be possible to assess whether there are in particular other facts, beyond the possession of these images.

He regrets that this type of business tends to multiply.


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