Europe 1 with AFP 4:57 p.m., January 3, 2023

Monday and Tuesday, back-to-school days in schools in France, evacuations took place following threats of bomb or explosive attacks made on hacked digital workspaces (ENT).

This was particularly the case in the North, Pas-de-Calais, Marseille and even in the Rhône.

Evacuations took place on Monday and Tuesday, back-to-school day, in several schools in France following threats of bomb or explosive attacks made on hacked digital workspaces (ENT), a-t -we learned from various sources.

The ENT is an internet portal that serves to connect parents, teachers and students and to communicate and exchange information on the life of colleges and high schools.

Messages sent on the ENT

According to a police source, messages were sent on January 2 and 3 to students' ENT accounts.

There were evacuations for "removal of doubts" in establishments in Seine-et-Marne as well as at La Madeleine in the North, Rillieux-la-Pape in the Rhône, Marseille, Caen or even Carvin in Pas- of Calais.


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Tuesday morning, the day of recovery after the Christmas holidays, a high school, a college and a school, located in the same perimeter, were thus evacuated to Carvin "following a threat of explosives" against the school, according to the prefecture .

The school's mine clearance operation ended with nothing being discovered.

Bomb alert in a high school in the Rhône

According to the rectorate, the Baggio de Lille high school had already been evacuated on Monday but in the presence only of staff, no students.

A source close to the investigation evokes "the ENT account of a student who sent an email" announcing that he was going to blow up the establishment.

"The account holder was arrested and taken into custody on Monday but released because his account was hacked," the same source said.

“Everywhere in France, high schools are recipients of emails threatening attacks on ENT” but “the senders of the emails are not the authors”, affirmed this source, who adds that “the unit for the fight against cybercrime is very closely associated with the investigation".

The Valentine Labbé high school in La Madeleine in the North was also evacuated on Monday.

“A message will be sent to all principals asking them to be vigilant and to warn the police” if necessary, added the rectorate.

In the Rhône, the Camus-Sermenaz multipurpose high school, in Rillieux-la-Pape, was temporarily evacuated Tuesday morning after a bomb alert.

According to the town hall, the threat was issued by several emails.