The place of burial overlooks the pitch!

Brazil prepares grand funeral for Pele, Lula says he will attend condolences

  [Global Times Special Correspondent Liu Haoran] On December 29, 2022 local time, Brazil's "ball king" Pele passed away at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 82 due to multiple organ failure caused by colon cancer. The end of the superstar.

On January 2 local time, the funeral of the "Ball King" was held in Santos, Sao Paulo. The family will follow Bailey's last wish and bury him in the world's largest "vertical cemetery", so that he can still overlook the gallop for many years after his death. green field.

The life of this football player has left countless classics and legends. His death is the sorrow of the sports world and the world.

A ceremony comparable to a state funeral

  According to a report by Brazil's "Rio Times" on the 2nd, the "ball king" Pele suffered from colon cancer in September 2021, and was unfortunately infected with the new crown virus at the end of November last year.

During the World Cup in Qatar, Pele has already sent a signal of poor physical condition.

Due to unsatisfactory follow-up treatment results, he died suddenly in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  Bailey's memorial service began on January 2 local time.

In the early morning of the 2nd, the coffin of Pele's body was transported along the coastal road to the seaside city of Santos, 80 kilometers away. After arriving at the Santos Football Club's home stadium, the Villa Belmiro Stadium, it was placed in a temporary tent in the center. In order for people to come to condolences and say goodbye.

Santos Football Club used to be the place where Pele played for a long time. This stadium recorded countless classic moments during the career of a generation of "ball king".

  After the mourning at the stadium at 10:00 am local time on the 3rd, the hearse will carry Pele's coffin in a slow procession in Santos City, pass by Pele's mother's residence, and finally arrive at the cemetery about 1 kilometer away from Villa Belmiro Stadium for burial .

Different from traditional cemeteries, this cemetery is a high-rise building with 32 floors and claims to be the highest "vertical cemetery" in the world.

  Brazil's "Globe" reported that Pele had chosen a resting place for himself in the cemetery 20 years ago and paid for a space on the 9th floor, which not only overlooks the Villa Belmiro Stadium, but chose this The number of layers is also in memory of his father, Pele's father, Don Dinho, who wore the number 9 jersey when he was a player.

A memorial to the world

  In the past few days, the headlines of various media in Brazil have been dominated by the news of Pele's death, and the whole world is reluctant to part with this football player.

The BBC previously reported that shortly after Bailey's obituary was issued, a large number of mourners gathered at the gate of Einstein Hospital.

It is estimated that there may be as many as hundreds of thousands of participants in Bailey's memorial service, and the new President Lula also said that he will personally attend the condolences.

Before leaving office, former Brazilian President Bolsonaro announced that the country would observe 3 days of silence for Pele.

  There is no doubt that Pele's departure affects international football.

Qatar Al Jazeera previously reported that after the death of the "ball king", the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland lowered the flags of all member states to half-mast to express their condolences.

Major European leagues also pay tribute to this legendary athlete in different forms. Premier League clubs will applaud Pele for one minute in recent games, and all players will wear black armbands to play.

The Italian Football Federation also announced that the recent series of matches will observe a moment of silence for Pele before kick-off.

  In Brazil, fans are also commemorating Pele in their own way. There are 3 huge flags on the stands of the Villa Belmiro Stadium. One flag is a photo of Pele, and the other is written with the words "Long Live the King". On the other side was written "Pelé 82".

In Santos City, some citizens hung the Santos Football Club flag on their balconies.

Some citizens will imitate Pele's classic punching action and take photos with the bronze statue of Pele in Santos.

A champion who inspires the country

  Pele's original name was Edson Arantes Donascimento. When he was a child, he admired a local goalkeeper named "Bilé" (Bilé), but he always mispronounced it, so he got "Bilé". Bailey" title.

The young Bailey did not live a wealthy life. His father was an unknown professional player and could not create good training conditions for the children. Bailey even kicked worn-out socks stuffed with newspapers when he was a child.

  However, Pele's talent in football was quickly discovered by professional clubs. He joined the Santos Football Club at the age of 15 and the Brazilian national team at the age of 16.

During the two decades of galloping on the green field, Pele scored 1281 goals and helped the national team win 3 World Cup championships.

In 2000, Pele was named "Best Player of the 20th Century" by FIFA.

  His brilliant career has allowed Bailey to enjoy considerable fame on the international stage. He has been received by many heads of state and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997.

  In addition, the legend of Pele also inspires people of all walks of life. Brazil was plagued by social problems such as poverty and racial discrimination. Pele became a symbol of Brazil's "national pride". It is regarded as a "national treasure".

  "Rio Times" reported that in memory of Pele, Brazil's largest seaport - Santos Port will soon be renamed "Santos Bailey Port."

  (Source: Global Times)