Louise Douillet 7:39 p.m., December 31, 2022

Doctors, law enforcement, firefighters or even soldiers… on the eve of 2023, the agents mobilized for New Year's Eve are numerous.

To encourage them and observe their organization for the evening, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne visited the soldiers of Operation Sentinel

The year 2023 is fast approaching.

Only a few hours left before the month of January, and above all a very busy night for the police, the health services or even the firefighters and the military.

For this reason, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne visited the agents mobilized for New Year's Eve, in particular the soldiers of Operation Sentinel.

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Protection and deterrence

Many are the chances of crossing his soldiers for those who wake up in Paris.

They are three times more numerous than usual, patrolling on foot, in arms and methodically criss-crossing the area.

The men of Operation Sentinel prioritize securing sensitive sites such as the Halles, the Louvre, the Champs-Élysées and the windows of Galeries Lafayette.

They are also present around stations which are very busy areas during this holiday season.

The purpose of this operation, which celebrates its eighth anniversary this year, is twofold.

First, it protects and reassures tourists as well as Parisians.

The military also makes it possible to dissuade those who would consider taking action, and thus avoid any terrorist attack.

A week after the shooting in the rue d'Enghien, all night, the troops will thus remain on alert, encouraged by the words of the Prime Minister who came this Saturday evening to salute their commitment.