• Aragón Lambán regrets that "the governability of the country depends more and more on extremists, radicals and independentistas"

  • Castilla-La Mancha Page stands as a "guarantee" against "adventures" against the unity of Spain

  • Basque Country Urkullu underlines health as a Basque "challenge" in 2023 after the Osakidetza crisis and the persistence of Covid-19

  • Galicia Rueda's declaration of intent for 2023: "We will continue to stay away from sterile confrontation"

The vast majority of regional presidents took advantage of the eve of January 1 to take stock of the year.

If the pandemic starred in the end-of-year speeches in 2021, in those delivered yesterday, without forgetting that the health threat is still present, concern for extremism and for political and social confrontation took on special relevance.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid.CAM

Ayuso warns that Sánchez's partners become stronger


The president of the

Community of Madrid

, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, wanted to endorse the words of King Felipe VI on December 24, stating that "a country or a divided society does not advance, progress or solve its problems well."

In this sense, he said that "while we see how the independentistas and those who through terror and violence today become strong and achieve their objectives, always against Spain and its freedom, only confidence in ourselves and in our Constitution will It will guarantee a modern and strong country, up to what it has always been.

And he added, in a clear allusion to the partners of the Government of Pedro Sánchez: «If we allow the confessed enemies of Spain to decide its territorial integrity and those who have committed serious crimes, including those who have ended innocent lives, continue to take positions against the whole of the Spanish,

He also took stock of some of the achievements of his Government: tax cuts, free public transport for the elderly, reduction in university fees... With the health strike far from being resolved, Díaz Ayuso wanted to emphasize some measures aimed at sector.

"We have made more than 10,000 health workers permanent and the salary conditions of more than 11,000 professionals, including nurses and Primary Care doctors, have improved," he said.


Moreno calls for respect for his autonomy in decision-making in reference to the tax war


The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, claimed that


currently has its own discourse that marks the national political agenda as the

Basque Country



have done before .

And, from that leading role, she demanded respect for her "autonomy" in decision-making, in an express allusion to the confrontation with the Sánchez government over fiscal policy.

«Now, Andalusia is observed and enjoys credibility and we have seen it with the tax cuts and how many other territories have joined our proposals, including the Government of Spain, which has finally lowered VAT on basic foods, a proposal made by Andalusia at the

Conference of Presidents of La Palma

last March».

In addition, Moreno also called for an agreement and to reduce the political tension: «I am very clear that, in a complicated situation like the one we are living in, Andalusians do not want to see how politicians mess with our heads.

I believe in moderation and consensus above all else."

Javier Lambán, President of Aragon. GOVERNMENT OF ARAGON

Lambán regrets that governance depends on extremists


The president of the

Government of Aragon

, the socialist Javier Lambán, expressed his concern "at the division and frontism that are taking hold in our society and at the erosion of institutions, as the King rightly warned in his Christmas Message."

For this reason, he was in favor of those who believe in constitutional Spain "must be self-critical in the face of the lack of understanding of the moderate parties, which results in the governability of the country depending more and more on extremists, radicals and independentistas who They

only aspire to break Spain and put an end to the



Emiliano García-Page, president of Castilla-La Mancha.JCCM

Page stands as a "guarantee" against the "adventures" against the unity of Spain


The president of

Castilla-La Mancha

, Emiliano García-Page, defended yesterday the "social, economic, political and cultural climate" that is enjoyed in the region, which allows stability and predictability "very different from what is happening in other places of Spain" and of which "we can boast", and which is facing the "uncertainty" that prevails at the present time.

In this same sense, García-Page assured that in Castilla-La Mancha "we are a guarantee that tomorrow, in the face of many adventures, when we have to talk about Spain, about the rights of the citizens of my land, We'll all talk."

For the regional president, "we are clear about it, we do not have an identity complex and we are proud of it," he said.

Iñigo Urkullu, president of the Basque Country.EFE

Urkullu recognizes "spaces for improvement"


The lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, incorporated in his speech that he made public yesterday "health" as one of the five "challenges" of Basque society when facing 2023, once again, full of uncertainties.

He acknowledges the "spaces for improvement" in his government management after the latest crisis in the management of the Basque Health Service due to the dismissals in the OSI of Donostialdea and the reaction of the medical chiefs of the Donostia Hospital.

The lehendakari underlined the "permanent effort to weave agreements" of his government.

«I recognize the problems and difficulties;

our determination is to continue improving a health system of which we have always felt proud”, he concluded.

Fernando López Miras, president of the Region of Murcia. GOVERNMENT OF MURCIA

López Miras calls for "advancing from moderation"


The President of the Government of the

Region of Murcia

, Fernando López Miras, yesterday expressed his confidence that 2023 will be a year "of unity and great consensus", for which he invited to "advance together from harmony and moderation" because " Together we are better and stronger."

During his institutional message from the Palacio de San Esteban on the occasion of the New Year, López Miras especially highlighted the value of unity, and expressed his desire that in 2023 "we will all go in the same direction, without hesitation or sterile divisions," he said the.

And he also advocated "limiting disputes and seeking convergences", as well as "respecting those who think differently".

Alfonso Rueda, president of the Xunta de Galicia.EFE

Rueda promises to "stay away from sterile confrontation"


Alfonso Rueda Valenzuela made his first year-end speech after becoming president of the

Xunta de Galicia

last May, replacing Alberto Núñez Feijóo and, in his debut, claimed his land as an "example of responsibility, stability and solidarity", some principles that, he assures, are "almost rarities" in today's Spain.

The Galician president reaffirms these principles inherent to Galicians as a declaration of intent for the year 2023. "We will continue to stay away from sterile confrontation," he assured, while also announcing his intention to defend "with loyalty and arguments" those causes that understands "fair and useful" for Galicia.

Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, president of the Junta de Castilla y León.EFE

Manueco claims the Constitution "today more than ever"


The president of the

Junta de Castilla y León

, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, claimed the Constitution as "a legacy that, today more than ever, we must preserve and defend as a guarantee of our coexistence in democracy".

In the traditional New Year's Eve message launched from the Parador de Gredos, one of the places where the Spanish Transition took place, he stated that the 1978 Constitution promoted a "path of freedom, progress and autonomy in Spain".

For this reason, Castilla y León will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the

Statute of Autonomy

in 2023 .

From the Speakers' Room, where the fathers of the Constitution drafted the final text of the Magna Carta, Fernández Mañueco stressed the "effort of understanding and consensus that makes all Spaniards proud and unites."

With this framework, the president indicated that the future is faced with public policies that consolidate Castilla y León as a "land of peace and harmony; of institutional, political and social dialogue."

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