Hear them reason in the clip above.

Ida Thyni, is a new mother and she thinks it is important to limit screen time.

- I probably had more screen time before I had children.

I notice she is also drawn to the screen already.

It's probably the light and the fact that it moves, as it were.

I don't want her stuck in front of a screen already.

So I think extra about it now, she says.

The staff in several primary schools have asked for advice and support for parents and now the county administrations in Östergötland have issued information on the subject.

Hear coordinator Viveca Andersson give her three best tips in the clip below:

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Viveca Andersson works preventively against, among other things, gambling for money at the Östergötland County Administrative Board.

Hear her three tips for parents about screen time Photo: Lovisa Gelin/SVT