After two years of abstinence, it's time to bang again.

In the supermarkets in the Rhine-Main region, the assortments with rockets, firecrackers and fountains are on display, some customers invest three-digit amounts in premium effect bombs the size of a beer crate and XXL multi-stage power batteries.

Another step back to normality before Corona, they say.

But not everything that is considered normal is desirable.

In this context, normality means that the hospitals have to treat patients with broken fingers and severe burns over the years.

Normality means that hundreds of tons of fine dust are pumped into the air on New Year's Eve, domestic and wild animals are frightened, roof structures are set on fire and police and fire brigade emergency services are fired at with pyrotechnics.

It is considered normal that large cities like Frankfurt almost disappear in a cloud of smoke, that streets and squares are littered with broken glass and rubbish on New Year's Day and that the air in many places is as bad as it is otherwise throughout the year.

Tradition needs to be put to the test

In view of this, one may be surprised that private fireworks are still allowed at all.

Proponents point out that this is a tradition and that a little fun should be allowed in a free society.

But even traditions can be examined from time to time, and the "little bit of fun" should be weighed against the social costs.

The firecracker bans, which apply this year to train stations and places like the Eiserner Steg, but also generally in the vicinity of half-timbered houses and retirement homes, are the least that citizens can and must expect from state regulations.

Conversely, they mean that cracking is still allowed in most places.

It is therefore up to the individual how they behave.

It would be nice if a lot of people lived up to this responsibility by keeping a low profile in the fireworks.

For a bit of fun, you don't need ear-splitting cannon blasts or meter-long system fireworks batteries.

You can also welcome the new year two sizes smaller with firecrackers, sparklers and fire whirls.

Incidentally, this was also allowed during the corona pandemic.

And some people have noticed that it's a more relaxed way to celebrate.