The New York Times has revealed a congressional move to limit the government's use of foreign spyware, primarily spyware made by two Israeli hacking companies.

The newspaper said that some deputies are pressuring the FBI to obtain information about the purchase and use of the Israeli spyware Pegasus, which some governments have used to target journalists, dissidents and human rights activists.

She also indicated that this action comes after two Israeli companies were placed on the US Department of Commerce's blacklists, causing a jolt to the Israeli hacking technology industry.

The newspaper reported that US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is leading the move in Congress.

The newspaper excludes that Republican dominance will affect this move, which is led by Democrat Schiff, because limiting the government's use of foreign spyware is a common goal of the two parties.

It should be noted that in November 2021, the US Department of Commerce included the Israeli company "NSO" (NSO) - which developed the Pegasus spy program - on the list of banned companies because it poses a threat to US national security.

At the time, the US Department accused the Israeli company of selling spyware to foreign governments, which it used to target government officials, journalists and others.

The Pegasus program works on the basis of hacking mobile phones through malicious messages.