Former Finance Minister Mikael Damberg (S) believes that the entrepreneurs still do not know what electricity support they will receive or when, and the Center Party's economic policy spokesperson Martin Ådahl believes that the extended tax deferral is "good, but completely insufficient".

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"The problem is that the entrepreneurs still don't know," says Mikael Damberg (S).

Photo: SVT

Many business owners have stated after Thursday's announcement that the measures only risk pushing problems into the future and result in debts going forward.

A confectioner in Malmö interviewed by SVT Nyheter says that he would rather have seen more clarity regarding the promised electricity price support, or halved employer contributions.

A small business owner who runs a small craft brewery in Gothenburg tells Studio Ett that it will not be easier to pay the tax in a year.

- What had affected us more would have been the high-cost support, he says.

"We need a balanced energy mix"

Energy and Industry Minister Ebba Busch tells SVT that the proposed moratorium is one of several measures.

- The best way to reduce electricity costs is to ensure that we get much, much more electricity in the future, that it is fossil-free and that it has the right properties.

We need an orderly energy mix again and it is my task and this government's goal now, to build the Swedish energy system strong again.

But then there are probably companies that risk going bankrupt before it can be in place?

- This is precisely why our measures now consist of three parts.

Firstly, a general electricity subsidy for the companies that we are working extremely hard to get in place, an electricity subsidy for electricity-intensive businesses, which for example a bakery could be, and the third is then about deferring preliminary tax, on salary, VAT and employer contributions , Busch says.

Svenska kraftnät has until January 4 to submit the application regarding the electricity price support to the Energy Market Inspection.

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Here, Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson (M) presents the new proposals relating to extended deferrals with tax payments, at Thursday's press meeting with Energy and Business Minister Ebba Busch (KD).

Photo: Marko Säävälä/TT